How To Access Clipboard (Copy and Paste) Across Devices

‘Copy – Paste’ aka Clipboard, the simplest function that everyone uses. From novice to the expert user, this is most used and important function. We know how to use copy-paste in a computer.. How about copying in one device and pasting in another?? This type of copy paste is called ‘Universal Clipboard’ or ‘Universal Copy-Paste’. Here’s how to access the clipboard of multiple devices of your own with this app called ‘Join’. ‘Join’ is similar to PushBullet, which pushes notification of your phones to your computer. Unfortunately the Universal copy-paste feature pushbullet needs a premium membership. It is around 5$ per month 🙁

Read my article about PushBullet

Apart for this clipboard syncing, it can do the following across devices’
  • send file
  • send location
  • send tab (the url of the tab you’re currently surfing – chrome)
  • send screenshot
  • trigger tasker command on android from chrome
Try it yourself. You don’t have to read any tutorial to use ‘Join’. Just install the corresponding app/extension from the Join page. It works on Android, Windows and Chrome. Sorry iOS 😐 Note: See my video tutorials on how to enable Universal Copy-Paste option in ‘Join’ settings. ‘Join’ is developed by Joao Dias, developer of the popular series of Tasker (Android Automation) Plugins ‘Auto Apps’.

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