9 Extremely Useful Laws for Work & Life (to remember always)

1. Murphys Law

Anything that can go wrong, (if you give the chance) will go wrong.

The more you fear something, the more likely it will happen.

focus on the path; not the hurdles.

2. Kidlin’s Law

If you can write the problem down clearly, then the matter is half solved.

Externalize your problems to reduce the load on your mind.

complete your thinking with writing.

3. Gilbert’s Law

The biggest problem at work is, that no one tells you what to do.

Finding a way ways to solve a problem is part of the job.

ask and then do. else, do and then ask sorry —if it goes wrong.

4. Walson’s Law

If you keep putting information and intelligence at first all the time, money keeps coming in.

Many people do things better than you, not because they are more capable (than you), but because they have more information (than you).

IQ and then EQ and then ego.

5. Falkland’s Law

If you don’t have to make a decision; don’t make a decision.

You don’t have to answer every question asked. You don’t have to solve every problem that comes before you.

Inaction is also an action. Sometimes, the best move is not to choose to move.

6. Parkinson’s Law

Work expands to fill the time available for its completion.

Set time (duration) for each task. Otherwise, the task will set its own. (Which is usually way more than it requires.)

Close the project or task as soon as it solves the purpose or objective. “Prefer Progress over Perfection”

7. Pareto’s Law —aka Pareto’s Principle.

aka 80-20 or 80/20 rule aka the law of vital few.

for many outcomes roughly 80% of consequences come from 20% of the causes (the “vital few”).

(In almost all the cases) 20% of your work will yield 80% of the outcome.

Don’t confuse quality with perfection. Choose and do the vital few (most significant ones).

8. Backwards’s Law

The harder you try; the more you fail (or the more you move away from success).

Frequency and consistency is the important factor for long-term goals.

Learn to let go. Hard work and patience are a rare combo, but a sure-shot way to success.

Seeds grow at their own pace.

9. Law of Attraction

Positive thoughts brings postive things to your life.

What you seek is also seeking you.

You attract what you are (your thoughts), NOT what you want.

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