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Twitter / Subscribing to feeds and newsletters isn’t the solution. Consume less and consume wisely.

How do we keep ourselves up to date with the latest changes and updates in your relevant field?

We are hungry for new facts, ideas, and changes happening around you in your interested field.

In short, we are curious to know the latest trends. To become the first to know it, we follow or subscribe to trend-makers. In the beginning, a person hoards editorial content to learn the trend, and eventually, they found themselves following experts and icons of the field to cut off the noise (opinions) and to get the information/idea firsthand (facts as it is).

When I was using Feedly, it just dump me with thousands of articles (as I subscribed to a few dozens of website feeds)every day, where most of them are repeated or a rework of the same ideas (original source) by copywriters. It costs a lot of my energy to skim through them to find the right article to read.

So I started following selective people to follow on Twitter and then subscribing to original thinker’s email newsletters. I still felt overwhelmed and I had to spend a lot of time skimming through them to find the right article/content to read.

Then tried a few curated content providers to reduce my time to find the right thing to read and get updated.

Refind.com is the best bet that I settled with. Refind uses Machine Learning algorithms and user responses to contents indexed (added) to it and segregates them based on the interest categories. Then serves them to you with filtered best of the best contents.

The contents are filtered considering various factors. Apart from the universal curation, Refind curates news for your preference and based on your activities and responses. As you use it every day, the suggestions get better. (The recommendation algorithm needs the training to recommend better as each day passes).

Now I only get 15 articles a day (the default is 10 per day). I elect to read at least 5 per day out of that 15.

Of course, I read from other sources too, but Refind helps me to complete my reading target in a hectic day with minimal effort.

This is not a review post, just a recommendation. Try Refind yourself.

See you, until the next post.

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