Tools I use [Updated: April 2020]

Apps, Digital Tools, Services, Gadgets and Resources I use personally for my productivity and general life utility are listed here. I’ve listed only the worthies among the all I use in everyday life.

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#Organizing #Planning #Journaling

  • Todoist – The super-duper task-management app of my entire toolset.
  • Notion – The ultra-flexible digital workspace for managing varieties of content. I use it for project management, course management, mini-personal-ERP and other tonnes of purposes.
  • Evernote – All in one place to capture everything, digital file cabinet, contact cards collector, ideas collector and as my personal journaling tool too.
  • Roam Research – Knowledge management
  • Calendar – I use Google calendar


  • Spark mail – I use this on all my devices. I have my accounts with Gmail for both personal and professional use. (Formerly using Newton Mail)

I don’t use any social media accounts actively. So I don’t have any apps related to that in any of my devices except the Telegram chat app.

#Reading #Listening

  • Kindle – Apart from reading paperback books, I rely more on Amazon Kindle for reading books.
  • Pocket – Most of the time, it goes to Evernote, but trivial or unimportant articles go to this.
  • Feedly – I check this occasionally


  • Grammarly – I am using the free version of Grammarly to spruce my writings online.
  • Office 365, Google Docs – MS Word is my go-to app for official documents. For casual use, I depend on Google Docs and I prefer Google spreadsheet rather than MS Excel.

#Researching #Learning

  • Scitrus – Where I find the latest research articles to refer and learn.
  • Whimsical – Mindmapping tool For learning new domains, flow charts. (Formerly using Mindmup – Simple yet functional mind mapping software )
  • Zotero – A citation or reference management software for Academic research.
  • – A wordprocessing software weaved particularly to write research papers.

#Focus #Tracking

  • Forest (Focus timer app). I am not big fan of pomodoro timers.

#Blogging #Online #Social-Connections

  • Site Ground (Hosting) – Semi-managed WordPress hosting where Alvistor and my other sites are hosted.
  • Unsplash – Pictures for most of my articles are taken from here.

#Privacy #Digital-Security

  • 1Password – The password manager for all devices (formerly using LastPass)
  • VPN Secure – The VPN service I use often. (Got a lifetime discount version through a friend)

#Health #Fitness

  • Running by Adidas – To track my walking and jogging


  • Alfred (for Mac) – Makes my Mac interactions faster ever.
  • Vimium (for Chrome) – Makes me browse the internet and interact with websites with ease of my keyboard.