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Hi, I’m Sakthitharan. I personally Welcome you to Alvistor.

Take a quick peek at the ‘About‘ page if you like to know about me.

For Why and What?

“The Effortless Flow” is set of practical ideas and methods to achieve overall well-being in individual’s life. My content focuses on reaching and progressing in the zones of life to perpetual prosperity over sometime.

The Effortless Flow – Zone Graph

I cover the most important things to reach “The Effortless Flow” point (check above graph) like

  • Overall Wellbeing (mental, physical, spiritual and material)
  • Productivity, Attention Management
    • Digital Tools, Apps and Services
  • Wealth Management (not focusing on finance management)
  • Lifestyle, Wellness, Mental Health tips, Energy Management
  • Personal Knowledge Management
    • Learning Management
    • Academic Research practices.

For Who and How?

The Effortless Flow, unlike other ideologies, it focuses on doing the less and most needful thing for greater results. Because of this nature, the growth works like compound interest. As I try to simplify the reasons, procedure and it is highly flexible you can do it in your own terms consistently for better results.

I only share the knowledge, It is you at the end has to try. If you aspire, feel free to learn. You’re welcome to disagree, but give it a try with an open mind. Remember, this is a slow and steady process, yet permanent effects.

It’s Free. I don’t do this for profit.

How To Start with Alvistor and Continue?

Feel free to browse through the site. Most of the articles are modular but connects to one another. I write articles as ‘sequel’ and the knowledge here is ‘incremental’. If you like a few articles of mine, it would be nice to subscribe to the weekly newsletter. In that, you will receive snippets of new updates and major changes in methods I described or what we already discussed in Alvistor.

a disclaimer and heads-up

I am not a guru. I am not mentoring, I am not a coach of any kind and it is not a course. I am just sharing my findings and experience with good intention. Knowledge, It’s free, yet priceless. If something I told here is not working for you? Then please mail me for any clarification or feel free to ignore.