Google I/O is the most watched/awaited conference by technology and non- technology enthusiasts every year. Backed by the slogan of “Innovation in the Open”, the annual conference at Mountain View, California brings together global developers and provides the breakthroughs it has achieved in unraveling the next generation of technology success.

Like every year, this year too some of the presentations from the conference mesmerized many of us across the world. As the world still digests the outcomes of the event, are there any favorite moments that you have? For me personally, each year the whole sessions have been interesting.  Here are some of the key things that i found

Gmail Smart Compose

Writing an email in Gmail is going to become smarter and easier. So if you write a sentence in your email, Gmail is going to automatically suggest you remaining sentences in the lighter text. Called as Smart compose, this feature will supersede the existing Smart Reply feature


Google Assistant

Here is an interesting article which talks about how Duplex makes Assistant makes call on your behalf.   In addition, six new voices have been added to assistant in an attempt to mimic the real human voice. Also, the natural continued conversations is another attempt to make Google assistant feel like you are talking to human beings



Google Maps

If you are one of the rare drivers who has never experienced Google maps, then you seem to be missing a lot of benefits. It is definitely recommended and worth a try. But for all the regular users of Google Map,  personalized recommendation is being provided based on user experience.  Along with getting to know the latest happening in nearby areas,  you can also coordinate with family and friends, share ETA with friends and supplement the street view with virtual assistance. All the updates will be released on Android and iOS version of maps.



Google News

With a new visual format, Google is all set up to provide a new experience to the users of Google News.  With the additional help of machine learning technologies, the experience of Google News begins at ‘For you’ section which can then further be drilled down to a mix of global and local headlines.

Google will rely on information gathered in real time from different sources about a particular topic and present it to the users with information such as tweets from accurate sources, commonly asked question on the story of interest being searched or read by the user, key developments of the news etc

In addition, Google Playstand will be replaced with Google News


New learning Kit

Along with Tensor Processing units (TPU 3.0), Google has unveiled a new set of API through firebase to make learning more accessible to developers. Google is also supplementing all its apps and services with the machine learning based features


Android P Beta

Focused on intelligence and simplicity, this new beta version is available to users to feel it around. Many features announced in the conference are still being rolled out. Armed with new rich interfaces, you can access the beta program by clicking here and all the related files can be downloaded from this link here

The feedback from the users will be taken to make the platform better before the complete version is rolled out.  Some of the highlights of this version are gesture-based navigation scheme, enhanced dashboard, better battery and action are just some of the few features in the big slew of things announced in I/O 2018. Check out other interesting Google Developer videos available by clicking here

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