A torrent file is a computer file that consists of metadata about file and folders, that are distributed. It also contains the list of the network location of trackers. These trakers are actually the different computers that are used by users to find each other. They form an efficient distribution group called Swarms. A torrent file is simply the information about the files. In this article, I will tell you some ways on  How to increase the speed of your Torrent.

How to increase the speed of your Torrent.

Let’s clear more basics about torrent downloading before we start.

When you download any torrent file, it actually is serving the two parties. One party is peers (downloading users) and another party is of seeders (uploaders of the torrent files). The speed of the torrent download is determined by the seeders. More the seeders greater will be the speed. The quantity of seeders depends on the tie period the file is modified. To be more precise, the new file has more seeders than the old files.

One way to increase the torrent speed is to use VPN (Virtual Private Network). Why VPN? It is because VPN unblocks the speed cap . ISP (Internet Service Provider), when recognizes and downloading or upload in torrents, automatically decreases the torrent speed. As, it is because downloading or uploading on torrents is considered as illegal. In some countries, uploading and downloading torrent files are illegal. So, VPN just  helps user to upload/download torrent files without IPS knowing about it.

How to increase the speed of your Torrent.

1. Include more torrent trackers

How to increase the speed of your Torrent.

As mentioned earlier, the torrent speed depends on the number of seeders. So, after adding more seeders with your torrent files, you can increase your torrent speed exponentially.

Follow the under-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Add the torrent file in uTorrent.

Step 2: The downloading will begin. Check for the downloading speed.

Step 3: Right-click on the file name and select Properties.

Step 4: Add the trackers in tracker field. The name of trackers is provided below.

Trackers list: 




















Step 5: Now choose OK. Soon you will see additional seeders and peers show up, and check your new download speed.

It improved, right? I myself tested this and the speed increased to three times.

2. Increase the Bandwidth

You can also change the bandwidth settings to increase your torrent speed. It is said, if upload rate is maximized for every client then downloading speed will be affected. It is not true. The downloading speed depends all on the Internet connection. The one with good internet speed, don’t need to apply these changes. But, the ones with not that good Internet speed can limit the upload speed while torrenting to get good downloading.

How to increase the speed of your torrent by changing the Bandwidth:


1: Open torrent.

2: Go to menu and select Preferences in Options.

3:  Find Bandwidth option.

4: Change Upload Rate to 15.

5: Maximum Upload Rate = 9999

6: Global Maximum Number of connected peers per torrent = 256

7: Number of Upload slots per torrent = 13

You can use the above-mentioned steps to change the upload rate of your torrent file and increase the torrent speed.

Conclusion: The above-mentioned methods are best recognized to increase your torrent speed. But, giving it a second thought these tricks are against the torrenting spirit. If you have any queries you can ask them in the comment section below and if you know any other method please share that with us in the comment section below.




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