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How to Download Videos From Youtube on any Andriod Phone!

Hey, Are you looking to download videos from youtube but it doesn’t seem an easy task there are many apps out there but with so many ads and things, downloading videos get so much irritating, to help you out I have got an app called Youtube Downloader by dentex, it is a great app I am using it personally for over 2 years it has regular updates improvements and with no ads yeah no ads at all. So now let me give you an overview of how u can download this app and use this app

Downloading App

To download this app all you need is to click on the link below:

Youtube Downloader

after you click on the link from your Andriod device a pop-up screen will come up with choose account, choose your Google account then it will start downloading, the app is only of 3mb size would hardly take a minute on 4g to download.

How to Install Youtube Downloader

Unknown Sources

Once it is downloaded, another pop-up screen will come up with the Install option, before clicking at install just make sure unknown sources are turned on you Andriod devices you can check it or if they are turned off you can turn on or accept unknown sources by following steps:

  • Open Andriod Setting
  • Go to Security
  • You will see the option of “Unkown Sources” and with a button with on or off
  • If it is off you just need to click on unknown sources dialog it will turn off.

You can follow the same process to turn off Unkown Sources.

Once you activate or turn on Unkown Sources you can simply click on Install option and the app will get installed, if you are not able to see Install Pop Up screen, just go to your download in your phone storage or sd card(depending on your primary source of download), you will find dentex youtube downloader, click on that app once you click on the app the install option screen will pop up. Click on install, in one or two minutes your app will be installed.

YouTube Downloader

How to Use YouTube Downloader

There are two options to download videos from youtube downloader,

Downloading Directly through YouTube App
  • Open YouTube app
  • Click on the video you want to download
  • Below that you will see share option click on that
  • Choose Youtube Downloader(it will open YouTube Downloader)
  • A dialog will come up with all the resolutions in which you can download video,
  • click on the resolution you want to download the video in (eg, 720p)
  • Tap on Download here option, your download will start
 Downloading Directly through YouTube Downloader
  • Open YouTube Downloader
  • Enter the name of the video, you want to download
  • Click on the video, you want to download
  • Select the video/audio format you wish to download.

Whichever way you find your video, YouTube Downloader will then take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes to download and store it on your Android phone. You can play the video directly from YouTube Downloader or find it in the Download folder on your phone.