Have you ever tried to look in the computer Settings to search for a specific setting and ended up the opening control panel and then it strikes your mind that you are completely dumb to find the settings in Control Panel? Yeah, I know this is stupid to think of. But, we have no other choice. The Settings and Control panel are both completely different thing in newer versions of Windows. It gets really irritating when you are busy and especially in hurry. But, what if I tell you that you can manage all your settings including the ones in Control Panel? What if I tell you that it is really a possibility? So, without much delay, I will reveal the secret to you. You can do this by using God Mode. Never heard of it? No problem, Here I’ll tell you all the little details and also tell you How to activate God Mode in Windows.


So, first, What is God Mode?

The answer is, God Mode is a special hidden tool that allows the user to manage all the settings and control at one place. God Mode has been around since the Windows 7. If you are the user of any higher version of Windows like Windows 8.1, or 10 you need to worry. It is applicable in these versions of Windows as well.

After its discovery, it was hidden and got under the covers, but today it is going to resurface again.

God Mode is a dedicated folder that puts all the settings in one place. This place provides you features to add clock with different time zones to defragmenting your drives. So, without any further due let’s discuss How to activate God Mode in Windows.

How to activate God Mode in Windows.

Step 1: Access the administrative account you are currently using.

Step 2: Click on the desktop and add New Folder.

To add New Folder, right click on the desktop click on NEW>FOLDER.

Step 3: Copy and Paste the under mentioned command into the folder name:


How to activate God Mode in Windows.

Note: Make sure to not miss any detail from the above-mentioned command. I mean, keep in mind to not remove [, and {}]

You will notice a change in the icon of the folder. It will change to the icon of Control Panel. Open it and you will be able to access the entire settings of your computer. It will provide you the organized manner settings, listed under the various headings. You can access the settings including Administrative tools to Windows Firewall.


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