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Frustrated with low battery backup? Read these tricks 7 Tricks which might help you!



Many of us are often frustrated due to poor battery backup of smartphones. Our smartphones have become very smart, but battery technology is the same (as it was a few years back). This means more battery drain. In this article, we will tell the tricks to improve the life of your smartphone battery.

1. Turn off Bluetooth, NFC, GPS, Hotspot, WiFi when not needed

Sometimes, we leave Bluetooth, NFC, GPS, Hotspot and WiFi open, even when they are not in use. Think what is the use of WiFi when you are on a trip in a forest and there are no Hotspots available. Keeping WiFi open (when not in use) will only consume the battery of your smartphone.

2. Turn off unwanted notifications

You should turn-off notifications from unwanted apps. Sometimes some apps send unwanted notifications, which are of no use. You should turn off notifications for these apps.

Android Oreo gives good control over notifications. And with Android P, controlling notifications will become easier.

3. Turn off Auto Updates

Many people will argue about how auto updates help. But think in another way. Suppose you are traveling (with a not so fast internet connection) and your smartphone battery is low. Your smartphone receives updates and it automatically starts downloading updates. It consumes your smartphone battery and leaves you with low battery warning.

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That’s why it’s better to turn auto update off (choose to notify when update is available), and update when you have a good internet connection and near to a power source.

4. Use original charger

Try to use original and certified charger whenever possible.

5. Use static wallpaper instead of Live wallpaper

Live wallpapers consume a lot of battery. So, you should use a static wallpaper. Many people think that static wallpapers are boring. Yes, static wallpapers are boring, but they will save the battery of your smartphone and will help in getting more screen-on time.

If your smartphone has LED screen, you should use darker black wallpaper to save battery.

6. Turn off ‘Dial pad tones’, ‘Touch Sounds’, ‘Vibrate on Touch’

When these (‘Dial pad tones’, ‘Touch Sounds’, ‘Vibrate on Touch’) are on, the sensors consume battery. You should turn these off to save battery.

7. Try to use latest Android version

As I told earlier, Android P gives you more control over notifications. Android P also allows you to monitor and control background apps. So, buy a smartphone which will be updated (quickly) to Android P in future. Also, you should keep updating apps, because new versions are optimized well (if compared to previous versions).

If you know some other tricks which are not mentioned here, share it in the comment section.

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