At a time when Facebook recovers itself from the setbacks and loss of trust due to ‘Cambridge Analytica Scandal’, the recent data theft of 3 million Facebook users from an app is another bigger cause of concern for all Facebook (FB) users. Like many technology enthusiast and other experts, many of us watching the recently concluded F8 Annual developer conference held in San Jose, California on 1st and 2nd May 2018 were expecting what Facebook will announce for further controls and restrictions for the developer community.  Irrespective of any advances that FB engineers do,  a strong data governance audit of the existing data in the hands of FB apps is needed. But it still looks like a distant dream.

However the focus of this blog post, is on some of the other interesting technology enablers that Facebook announced this year in its annual conference though it was a muted presentation

Artificial Intelligence

Facebook engineers have been relying heavily on AI to filter out abusive contents from its platform. Though there is still lot of work to be done to catch smart illegal users, Facebook is fighting a tight battle to win back user trust with the help of AI.

Facebook team is also collaborating with experts from the academic industry to develop a strong AI platform. Till the time AI strengthens its role, Facebook will rely on the army of humans to review content and flag inappropriate content. Other interesting videos from the F8 2018 sessions related to AI are:

Virtual Reality

Oculus handset was finally launched at this conference. The cutting edge technology helps in shifting images in and out providing a simulation of real life.  Though FB is not a hardware company, the management is banking on VR as the next generation platform that offers facebook an opportunity to diversify along with an opportunity to tap into the multi-billion market as projected by many analysts. More info on VR discussions can be accessed by clicking here


Facebook analytics new features were introduced so that corporates and entities using FB platform can understand the users better and make informed decisions. It is attempt to map the customer journey so that the business can modify their strategy based on conversions. Other interesting discussion can be accessed here



All the game developers have something to celebrate since they finally get an option to do an additional monetize on Facebook ‘Instant Games’ platform using in-app purchase options on Android and website. Recently introduced in-app purchases will increase the revenue for both developers, since they get an alternative to make revenue in addition to existing Google and Apple play stores.

Facebook game platform coupled with its features like live-streaming will also be available in Oculus and many mobile friendly platforms.



A New Graph API to manage business on Instagram was released. Armed with better insights, this API provides a better way to access data from Instagram Platform. In addition, Facebook executives talked about the Cassandra deployment and various metrics of implementation for Instagram

Finally an interesting learning of facebook engineers on Python application with mypy and MonkeyType was shared with all technology enthusiasts. Type checking is normally used in python to check the type of values it store. This is a good way to debug a program while coding complex programs

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