The Google Analytics tool helps to track website performance by providing detailed insights into the information of users who browse the website. Fortunately to get these insights, not much work needs to be done. It is important to just decode the default reports available in Google Analytics tool and understand what each metrics captured in those report state.

Here are some important reports that can help any Google Analytics user to Measure their Site Performance

Understand the Real Time traffic coming on the website

In order to access this report, you need to traverse to Reports -> Real time -> Overview

This report is actually beneficial when you want to see the real time traffic available on your website. It shows the traffic for last 30 minutes at an given point of time. In addition, you can also see where the top traffic and top keyword based on which the users are coming to your website. If the website has global traffic, then at real time you can also track the location of the incoming users

Real Time Traffic Report

If you wish to further dig on any of this overview, then you can click on the below options to check Real time data on the users visiting your website

  • Locations
  • Traffic Sources
  • Content
  • Event
  • Conversions

Get overview of the audience

In order to access this report, you need to traverse to Reports  -> AUDIENCE -> Overview

This report gives an overview of the traffic that comes on the website for a given date range . The information view in this report can be selected further at the hourly/day /week/monthly level.

Audience Overview Report

Some important decisions that can be driven from this report included the time spent by the users on the website pages, how many users visit only one page of the website, how many are returning users compared to new users etc.


Understand the Browser and OS used to access the website

In order to access this report, you need to traverse to Reports ->  AUDIENCE -> Technology -> Browser & OS Overview

Using this report, we can get a better understanding of the browser and OS used by prospective visitors. With this information, we can make sure that during our testing the website performs well on this browser and OS. Also if the load or UI/UX of the website is not better, then we can prioritize based on the report, which browser traffic needs to be fixed first

Browser and OS Report


Understand the source from users land on the website

In order to access this report, you need to traverse to Reports -> Acquisition -> Overview

Using this report, it is helpful to figure out which channel drives the traffic of users on the website. Also if goals are setup, then conversion of this goals can be easily tracked.

Acquisition Overview Report

Based on the acquisition and behavior of different channels many decisions can be driven. For instance marketing team can use this report to see if the money spent on campaigns is driving more traffic from paid channels.

Understand the pages on which the traffic first arrives

In order to access this report, you need to traverse to Reports -> Behavior -> Landing Pages

This report helps in understanding which is the first page that the user accesses when the user lands. Using the report the website technology team can make sure that the pages provide the required information to the user. Also since the first impression is important so that that the users can return back to the website, this report lays the foundation if you wish to build future loyal users who will keep visiting the website

Landing Pages report


This blog set the context for important google analytics report. Do let us know in the comments below which other reports you have used .

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