Have you heard about Edward Snowden? An American whistleblower who is in Russia now has released an app that can detect intruders in your personal space. Have a spare phone that runs on android? This app can turn the phone to all ears and eyes.

This always keep-watching spy app can be placed on the desk, drawer or somewhere around your personal working space. The app utilizes almost all of the sensors available in the smartphone like camera, gyro, compass, barometer, accelerometer and even temperature sensors. These sensors can see and hear all the changes around the phone. Change in motion, light intensity, sound or minute noise, shakes and other complexes. These are the changes that can happen when someone intrudes into your space when you’re off.

On detecting these changes, it can alert the tracker (user) with a message in the secure fashion. WhatsApp, Google Drive uploads are other means of back up communication. Keeping ‘Privacy’ in the mind, the app has been designed to support those who need an assertive tool to check the safety of their belongings.

The name of the app is “Haven: Keep Watch” which is available for download at Google’s Play Store. You need to set the perfect threshold for sensors to avoid false positive errors or false alarm. Don’t blame the app as it is still in its ‘beta’ and promised to be improved in the future.

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