If somebody would have asked me 10 years ago, What I think about the Smartphones? I definitely won’t answer this question. Oh, come on! I was just a little kid back then who found pleasure in reading books. Yes, I was antisocial and kind of bookworm too. But, if someone asked me Where do I see these smartphones technology or What is the future of smartphones.. I can definitely answer this one now.  This “effortless technology”  has already made us lazy. No kidding!! But who doesn’t want his/her work completed quickly in this tight schedule. There have been many new features added in past few years. Some of the features are

  1. Face Unlock
  2. Fingerprint Sensor
  3. VoLTE
  4. Hybrid Slots, Large Memory
  5. High-Speed processors

and much more… This list will grow in coming years. Some of the smartphones companies have already put a lot of efforts to defend the market competitions by developing new technologies. The future of smartphones will bring up many new innovations, that is for sure. But, what are some features that we will see in very short amount of time? Let’s take a look at that.

What technology will evolve the future of smartphones?

As per recent reports, Apple is working o the wireless charging feature for their new iPhone 8. The Li-Fi, a wireless optical data transmission technology that uses Light Emitting Diode to transmit data may cross path with the smartphone technology in coming time, and much more. There are more features hidden up the sleeves that just need to be pulled down. But, let’s move to the future of reality which can be made obvious.

  1. Battery Size


    The smartphones nowadays feature battery capacity of more than 4500 mAh in some phones. They undoubtedly work for a whole day without finding any need of charging. In the coming future, the smartphones will be features with much more battery capacity and might not need any charging for more than 2 days. The battery can also be much smaller and leaner as well. This will not only increase the worth of the smartphone but will also make it cleaner and cooler.

  2.  Charging


    The future of smartphone charging is slowly changing. The recent reports tell that Apple is working on a complete wireless charging that will become the core feature of iPhone 8. It will allow the user to remotely charge their iPhone. It will work just like a Wi-Fi. In few years you will definitely see charging pads on the table of your favourite restaurants for sure.

  3. Flexible Screens


    Flexible screens are considered as the main element in the future of smartphones. It might not be so far ahead that we are provided with a widescreen to play our favourite games in a very high-quality. after playing the games we can just fold the screens of our smartphones. Thanks to Organic Light-Emitting Diode Technology. These screens can also feature screen-support on both sides of your smartphone. Using this, you can use it to view pictures on both sides of the smartphone. A concept smartphone is developed by Ikev.

  4.  In-Built Projector

    The future of smartphones features In-Built projector in them. In 2010, we already witnessed this invention. It was from Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy Beam as the first smartphone to offer this feature to the users. It uses DLP (Digital Light Projection) WVGA projector than projects the screen. The future technology can also use voice command and various other features.

  5.  Augmented Reality


    Augmented Reality is best suited to the fact of combining real-life scenario and computer data to provide the users with some better results. It uses sensory inputs such as sound, video, graphics and GPS data. To be more precise, more information is provided to the users using this combination.

  6.  Seamless Voice Control


    Voice Control has received more attention in past few years. Google Assistant, Siri is the main popular voice controllers interface. When first launched, Siri gained instantaneous popularity and also helped in increasing the stock of Apple. Later, Google launched its Google Assistant. A user can control his/ her entire smartphone, ask for suggestions, browse the Internet, and even type when required using voice control. It is the future of smartphones, and that’s for sure.

  7.  3D Screen and Holograms


    With the advancements in the technology, it’s for sure that 3D Screen and Holograms are not being left in science fiction. We have witnessed the development of holograms time to time. In Japan, historical museums feature shows in 7D. Dubai also features shows in 5D as well as 7D. With this development, it is the matter of time till we can witness these features in our smartphones.

    This is the list of 7 technologies that will be the future of Smartphones. According to the reports within a decade, these technologies will start coming handy in each smartphone and the middle class can also have access to them.

About the author

Prajwal Ahluwalia

A tech enthusiast, An engineer by profession but writer & photographer by choice.