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WikiTribune to fight fake-news

It’s evident, that evidenceless news has gradually spoiled the journalism industry. Facebook, Google has taken few steps towards handling the fake news circulated in internet. Wikipedia’s co-founder Jimmy Wales has launched his idea against fake news as ‘WikiTribune’

Wikitribune follows the core concept of wikipedia, except it is for news. The idea focused on evidence based, fact driven publishing of news. Wikitribune articles will include detailed sourcing and link out to full transcripts, video and audio recordings of interviews. Most probably this articles will be co-edited by professionals, citizen journalists volunteers like you and me.

Wikitribune is platform for community formed by recruited pro-journalists and citizen journalists. Jimmy Wales planned to pay the pro-editors utilizing crowdfunding/donations. If Wikipedia can succeed, so that Wikitribune. But when I write this article Wikitribune has less than 500 supporters and zero hired journalists. Let’s see how fast it is going to grow.

Despite the efforts of Google’s fact-tagging in search results and Facebook’s other moves to fight fake news, the problem persists.

Source: Wikitribune