How I use Pomodoro method in ToDoist

Pomodoro in ToDoist

Productivity is one of the most valuable assets that we need to make that we are highly capable of. To increase productivity there are many techniques. Like for example Pomodoro Technique. Pomodoro is one of the proven productivity techniques to make sure you finish your work. Then there is a little-known app called ToDoist which is mainly a task manager. This with the help some little tweaking we can make a legit ToDoist Pomodoro workflow.

How should you integrate Pomodoro workflow on ToDoist

  • First, know what type of work you are about to do and how much time does it require to complete the task.
  • Segment your work into 25minute short sprints. Each Pomodoro sessions consists of 4 sprints and after each sprint take a 5minute break and after one Pomodoro session take a 20minute break.
  • Now separate your task and into several sprints into Labels in ToDoist app like shown in the picture.
Labels in ToDoist app

Create sprint numbers in labels. Four sprints make one session.

  • Then seperate each tasks as projects and fragment your work to fit according to the sprints.
  • Assign each micro tasks to their project and their sequential Pomodoro sprint label. Note: Make only max of 5 sessions daily. If you overload you’ll burn out soon.
Pomodoro ToDoist technique

Use the project as the session and the label as the sprint.

  • After categorizing the work by each sprint and sessions turn the clock for 25minutes and do your work without any distractions.
  • Complete your task one by one for each sprint and after 4 sprints take the break. Repeat this process for another 4 times.
  • By the work, finishes check away from the list on ToDoist. This will make sure that you are productive to the fullest.

This technique will make you finish your work on time and also gain more time for you have a life outside of work. If you are an entrepreneur like me you’ll use the extra time to work on your project/business to gain fulfillment.

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