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Solved: No Internet due to – The Dependency Service or Group Failed to Start

Written by Sakthi Tharan

Recently one of my friend’s PC (Desktop, Windows 7 version) failed to detect the LAN connection. When I checked the network & sharing, the error message reads “The Dependency Service or Group Failed to Start“. So I tried to run Window’s diagnostics, but for some reason, it is not running. This time the error message I got is  “The Diagnostic Policy Service is not running”. After searching through many pages with the help of Google, I found a simple step to solve this issue.

I don’t know the reason behind this problem. But, I tried various options before. Check your wire’s quality, port connection, router settings, etc etc. I found that, this problem arises to people who used to connect to the internet through ethernet cable. So, if this is your situation, then try the following.

Open ‘Command Prompt‘ window with admin privileges. (Search ‘cmd‘ in Start menu, right-click, then click Run as administrator.

A command prompt will open, inside it type the following commands one by one and press ‘enter’.

net localgroup administrators localservice /add

net localgroup administrators networkservice /add

That’s it. Restart your PC. Your computer will detect the ethernet after. Thanks to for the info 🙂

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