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How to setup Search box (text input) in ‘Google Assistant’  – Support for typing questions 

Written by Sakthi Tharan

‘Google Assistant’ formerly available only on Google’s model phone Pixel, recently rolled out to other phones with Android version 6 (Marshmallow) or above. Don’t confuse it with ‘Google Now’. Unline ‘Google Now’, Google Assistant has some additional ability to serve you by executing some actions with voice interactions. Google Assistant can be launched from anywhere by long-pressing the ‘home’ button (for those who has ‘Google Assistant’ installed).

Actually, so far, the only interaction mode is the voice. Unfortunately, I have a problem with this voice interaction mode. There’s plenty of time Google couldn’t recognize what I am saying. Maybe because of my accent. Another major reason is, my environment. Either the environment is filled with a lot of sounds or I end up in a place where people think of me as a lunatic talking to the phone.

Fortunately, the recent update has added the choice of preferred input.

Open your ‘Google’ App -> Settings -> Google Assitant: Settings -> Preferred Input -> [select] Keyboard. Done… Below animation will tell you how to enable text input for search in Google Assistant.

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