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Send Quick Flash Messages and Receive Replies Quicker – TrueCaller Flash

Written by Sakthi Tharan

TrueCaller in their recent updates added a feature called “Flash”. Age of messaging has gone, here is the new way to send important messages quicker and get replies even quicker. These so-called ‘Flash’ messages will splash on the user screen with the ringtone ringing all along. Yes, the message alert is ringing. So there’s no way your message goes unnoticed. The phone will ring until the user starts typing the reply or for a minute. Whichever comes first.

There will be a ‘Thunderbolt inside a circle” icon adjacent to every contact who are all using the latest TrueCaller version. Press that thunderbolt icon to start your flash. The Splash/Flash screen with the message comes with few quick option for a┬áreply. You can reply with emoji/emoticons, current location, Yes, No, Ok or any custom message. Check the below image.

Check the below image and animation.

Unlike other messaging services, TrueCaller Flash can’t be used to message-bomb. You only can send one Flash message until your friend replies to it or he misses it. In my own term, it is ‘text over call’. Flash Messages uses your data connection to send and receive messages as like the other messaging.

When I and my friends started to send ‘flash’ messages to each other, we find it very convenient and useful. Information is quicker. The message requires immediate attention and reply. We use it to communicate all time-critical messages. No need to pick up the call for saying the word just ‘yes/no’.

Try Flash by Truecaller. Tell us your experience in the comment.

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