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Now you can change playback speed of videos in YouTube Android & iOS App

Written by Sakthi Tharan

Youtube has updated its iOS and Android app with the option to play the video in variable speed. The speed range varies from ‘x 0.25’ (quarter speed) to ‘x 2’ (double speed). This variable playback speed is already available for Youtube web version, but it’s new to the app.

Now it’s easy for you to speed up those boring videos and slow down those important tut videos.

They revealed the update silently through the  Youtube Engineers’ blog post. The article says the difficulty and technicalities of the implementation of variable speed playback. In fact, there’s a little processing needed to play it in different speed to preserve the quality of audio. In other terms minimizing the ‘chipmunk’ effect in audio when it is played faster than normal and to minimize the bass effect when it is played slower. The processing makes the audio more comprehensible.

Another challenge is mobile’s limited bandwidth and processing resources. It seems Engineers’ team went a long way to make it possible on mobiles running on iOS and Android.

The crux of the article that we would be interested is, You need to play the video in high quality to play it slower. This to avoid the losing the audio quality while changing the speed of the video and of course to compensate video frames when playing slower. Either you should have a wide bandwidth or to download the video beforehand using Youtube-offline.



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