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Is HTML and CSS easy to Learn?

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All who are trying to learn computer programming for the first time have the same question inside their head.

Is this easy to learn?

Even I had this same question. I was even at the point of boycott the whole programming stuff from the phase of my life. But soon I learned that some are easy to learn especially when you start at the right place and the right programming language.

I had a little bit of tiny interest in Web-Development but I was skeptical that it is hard and I cannot do it. Then I started to learn HTML for the first time out of pure necessity. I needed to gain some buck to buy some stuff for myself so I went for a go at HTML.

The first hurdle I faced is that programming is like telling instruction to a wall. I figured that the computer we all crave about is actually dumb right STUPID!There was another face to this situation, it was soo stupid that we can tell it to do anything and everything in this universe. This was very powerful for me when I tried to learn some programming.

It was a world of possibilities.

Then I started learning HTML. Learned about tags, class, id and the syntax of the language. Which was really easy for me to understand the core concept of it. It was getting used to me and I was getting way better at it. In my opinion, HTML was the easiest language to learn and I gained some confidence that I can make the next step to learn CSS.

CSS was a whole new ball game. I understood multiple files can be linked and it is used to communicated with each other. This was very new to me. I called a class or an id from the HTML file and used it to manipulate the style of the web page using CSS. This was soo cool like it feels like creating something from scratch. It will indeed look like a great achievement for everyone.

Practice makes it Perfect.

This is true I practiced my HTML and CSS for 2 weeks I grew my knowledge on what does what and it gave me a great boost now I myself consider as an HTML and CSS Ninja. LOL! Well, that is true from my perspective.

So guys if you want to learn HTML and CSS just go for it! You got nothing to loose from it but actually, you gain some knowledge from it. It might not be an ultimate programming language, it’s not even a proper programming language like Javascript, PHP or Ruby on the other hand. But it will give confidence and lay the stepping stones for your programming career.

Go and learn HTML and CSS and make the world a better place to live in.

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Sudharshan Ramanathan

Hi I'm Sudharshan Ramanathan an Entrepreneur and part-time Blogger for alvistor. I'm currently pursuing my MBA. I also do some freelancing work as a web-developer/designer in my free time and also loves learning about programming, computers and business.

  • Ajith Srikumar

    “It was soo stupid that we can tell it to do anything and everything in this universe” – haha.. you caught me there upright! Well written article @sudsgears

  • Sudharshan Ramanathan

    LOL yeah that is the feeling I got from Programming.