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Google adds ‘Personal’ tab to search your own content

Google, obviously the best search engine of the era offers an additional tab to search across your personal data. Personal data that have been stored with Google. I don’t know whether you were aware of this, Google storing your data that includes mail in Gmail, your Office files stored in Google Drive, photos uploaded in Google Photos, phone contacts synced with Google Contacts, etc, etc. Is it safe or not? is another story we discuss later. For the case now, it is great.

Searching across all the data you own (on Google storage) in one place, that too in a familiar way. Google yesterday (May 28, 2017) added an additional tab named ‘Personal’. This personal tab lists the results of the search across your personal data. (‘Google search app’ on Android already has the ability to search across the apps installed and files inside the smartphone. )

As usual, the result is fast, more relevant and convenient. The thing I loved most out of this new addition is, Now I can search my photos easily. I love the way it searches both Gmail and Google Drive at the same time. So I don’t have to do the search in different places. Helps a lot to my productivity tasks.

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This function is slowly rolling out to al the users. So if you don’t find the ‘Personal’ tab, wait for few days. You need to be logged in to your account before performing the search.

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