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FireFox Quantum – Time to try the new FireFox!

Written by Sakthi Tharan

A few days back there’s a new version of Firefox is released. Quantum. Firefox has undergone a major revamp under the hood and also the modern look. In my view, the new version looks more promising now.

I use Chrome as my primary browser as it is highly integrated with major Google services. It’s more like a part of Google’s ecosystem rather than a browser. That’s the major reason it is my primary browser till date and hopefully in future. Firefox on other hand is a browser I use parallelly and often. Security, Privacy (Read: Browse Securely Using FireFox) and the independent state of the browser made it as an obvious choice as a secondary yet trustable, reliable browser.

The new Firefox has drastically improved its performance. That’s what Mozilla says and that’s what I felt when using it. It takes lesser time to start when compared to previous versions. The UX has a new face but oddly looks like the same old firefox. Few of my Extensions/Add-ons has not yet started supporting the new version.

If you’re still using Chrome, then give it a try. Firefox Quantum is quite a browser, you won’t regret trying. Multi-profile option on Firefox is an extraordinary feature to manage multi-avatar accounts when browsing online. 


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