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Is facebook slow and not responding on Chrome & Firefox?

For no reason, for the past few days, Facebook was too slow for me. Most of the time it was not responding for few seconds. The problem exists in both of my preferred browsers, Chrome and Firefox. I’m an occasional Facebook user. This was not the case when I use facebook a few months back.

Running Facebook in Chrome’s Incognito mode (safe mode to avoid chrome extensions from bothering ) went in vain. There’s nothing problem with my PC, Internet speed was fine. Tried many solutions from the results of Google search. In the end, one solution helped.

Removing active sessions in Facebook account solved the issue. Practically it means logging out from all of your devices where you use Facebook. Here’s how to do it.

  • Go to Facebook ‘Setting’
  • Security & Login
  • Click on the “Where You’re Logged in ” tab (Probably 2nd tab from top)
  • Open the list of devices by clicking “See more” link
  • End all the sessions – “Log out of all sessions”

Ending All Sessions In Facebook

Now you may notice the speed and response when using Facebook. As a result of this, all your devices will now ask you to log in again, including apps. That’s the cost you have to pay for solving the issue.

Share your results in below comment box. Have a good day!