Our experience with Google Play Music in India

At Alvistor, we’ve been using Google Play Music for past 40+ days. Our authors shared their experience with Google Play Music after using it for more than a month.

Here’s what Sudharashan Ramanathan says about Google Play Music.

When Google Play music was recently announced its launch in India, I was one of the most excited people to welcome it. I believe that this will be a new step towards bottlenecking piracy in India. Then after it’s launch, I immediately signed up for it. And then my Google Play Music experience started. There were like millions of songs available on it. This was just mind boggling. I’m a fan of the Beatles, AC DC, Aerosmith and Led Zepplin etc, and all of these hits were present in its library. They were also available with good quality sound and some of them are re-mastered as well. With a good pair of headphones, you will be teleported to your own King Van Halen’s country, which was indeed priceless.

The app is also brilliant by all means. It recognizes the songs, genres, artists you like and it will show some curated lists to listen to if you cannot pick a song for your mood. This happens to me a lot. So, for a mere amount of Rs. 89/month, I would say this is a steal. The only caveat is that you need to have your data on, to listen to the song that you want. If you are playing it on repeat, the app will recognize that you like this song and will save it in your phone’s cache memory. Overall this is the best app for all audiophiles and casual listeners as well. So, go for it I recommend you to try it and you will love it.

Ajith Srikumar on Google Play Music

After Google’s launch of the free trial, I casually wanted to give myself a try, and to my surprise, I was simply mind-blown from the humongous collection of music they offer. I was able to purchase, stream and upload any music I want. Being an audiophile myself, I was totally happy with the quality of music they offer (Yes I mean the 320kbps bitrate). If you’re on a desktop, the app automatically uploads new music placed into the folders you specify. And boom! You have your own “music cloud”, and you can access it from any device using the Play Music app, or a browser when signed into your account. This is really a benefit if you already own a lot of music, and saves your purchase cost.

Google Play Music is inarguably one of the best music players, and a number of features they offer matches its reputation.

Here’s what I like to say

Most of the time I really don’t know what to listen to. “I’m Feeling Lucky” option is the savior. Every time I load the app, it will show me the stations (collection of songs) that tailored for me based on my interest, time. I don’t know how it catches the mood, but a really good feature. I am not the big fan of that international music. Few albums were missing, but I uploaded those to my music library, which will be uploaded to Google’s cloud. A plethora of songs, I add songs one by one, handpicked to my library which I want to hear again. Giving ‘thumbs up’ to the song will help Google to learn your likes, I guess it is recommending songs (radio stations) based on that.

I am using it for past 40 days on both my PC (on Chrome) and phone(android based). Created 9 playlist of my own, added 350+ songs to my library, uploaded 15+ songs.
One more feature is, it will also search through youtube within app (in Chrome) for videos for the same song you are searching for or listening to.

Before ‘Google Play Music’, I was using gaana, saavn and much more like those. No, nothing is as good as this. Apple music is another alternative to Google Play. I skipped Apple music for 2 reasons. One, it is 40 bucks (rupees) costlier than Google Play 🙂 and the second is, I don’t have any Apple device 😛