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Do you really need a College Degree to learn Programming?

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Nowadays there are more and more people wanting to learn programming and develop websites and build mobile applications. Most of them or from other disciplines of study. They do not possess a Computer Science degree to engage in the art of developing programs and applications. What should they do or you do? If you fall into this category.

The backstory I myself started learning to code recently. I learning more and more every day. It is a fun process as well. Now I’m at the stage of making money with my programming skills. Note that I do not have a degree in Computer Science I’m now a Business major. I’m proficient with LAMP Stack web-development.

There will also be a question. Why should we learn programming or coding? This will all be answered in this following article.

Do you need a College Degree?

The short answer is No. Programming is an art that involves a lot of creative processes. It is easy to learn the basics but a bit hard to master it. This situation is same for all Computer Science students as well. Many students who go to colleges for their tech degree they only learn the surface of it. Every class will be taught on the principle of only getting to know the basics. Once the basics are covered the teachers will take the back seat and watch the students grow by themselves. This is what you will learn in a college/school. So don’t get intimidated.

So there are many resources that will teach you all the basics that you need to know in order to develop an application or a website. I learned from these resources. The best resource is YouTube, w3schools and Stack Overflow. This will make you understand what are the kinds of stuff you need to know and how to progress into it. This process will gain you some confidence and you will progress into many new adventures.

Why should I learn Programming?

This is a very tricky question that needs to be addressed with great care. Just kidding! It is soo simple this is the age of digital revolution. Every person in this world is contributing some element from his/her side to enhance the experience. Our traditional labor-intensive factory work is being replaced more and more by robots. We sit each day with 75% of the time in front of a computer or a mobile screen. This proves the fact technology is inevitable.

The traditional form of shopping, office meeting and hiring a cab is all changed by tech giants like Amazon, Microsoft, and Uber. These are all one time are tiny start-ups but now they are the giants of Silicon Valley. This is all possible due to Computers and mainly programming. Without their contribution, our lives will not be this easy.

Traditional jobs are going away new type of jobs only require you to think and execute. Every monotonous manual labor is more and more being reduced but it will not be fully eliminated as of now. In the near future, we can expect some bitter-sweet revolutions. That is a different topic.

So everyone must at least learn to code and able to read it. Since it is becoming more and more valuable as the day passes. Agriculture, Transportation, Travel, Hospitality all of these industries are augmenting their services by developing custom applications to have better decision-making metrics according to their respective data.

Will I be able to Monetize my skill?

Programmers are getting one of the highest paid jobs in the world. It also depends on how you make yourself hire-worthy. My suggestion is to just practice your skills until you are very good with it. Practice very hard and you will get the work. These companies only look for skill not your college degrees. First, apply for a small company like a start-up it will make you a good amount of money. If you are so valuable to the company they might even give some percentage of the equity shares.

My suggestion is that if you are well proficient in coding you will explore into freelancing side projects or even setting up your own start-up like creating your own app. So there will be an endless amount of possibilities to make money in this field.

Hustle and do it again and again, Money will find you.

Start developing apps or a blog/websites which will make yourself comfortable with code. This will make you more and more proficient in coding and overall will gain you self-confidence and lead your way to success.

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Sudharshan Ramanathan

Hi I'm Sudharshan Ramanathan an Entrepreneur and part-time Blogger for alvistor. I'm currently pursuing my MBA. I also do some freelancing work as a web-developer/designer in my free time and also loves learning about programming, computers and business.

  • I agree that college degree is not necessary to acquire skills and land on jobs. Yet it is difficult to find a job that pays you better.
    Freelancing is another option to take, but still not a promising path for many..
    Startups? may be or may not be.

    But I like the quote ” Hustle and do it again and again, Money will find you. “

  • Ajith Srikumar

    I purse my bachelors degree in Computer science, and I absolutely agree with you that the syllabus framework just surfaces you through the basics. Programming is an art, not to be taught, but to be experienced.
    Very Motivating Article. Please share your your experiences and the obstacles you overcame during your journey of becoming a LAMP stack web-developer in your next article. Also mention your resources and references you used in detail.
    Kudos to you Sudharshan.

  • Sudharshan Ramanathan

    Yeah freelancing might not be a good source of income but once you get to know the industry and initiate with more and more contacts, You will be successful.

  • Sudharshan Ramanathan

    Yeah sure! I’m currently planning on a series to engage people into full stack development. So stay tuned to that.