Productivity is talked as a major part of work ethic. Many of us feel hard to follow it. But we must make it a priority to make our life get on a better path that we desire. To achieve success there must be some good work ethic followed by high productivity. So here are the best productivity apps to improve your workflow.


To-Doist is one of the most critically acclaimed apps that will improve your productivity. This app is a to-do list application on steroids. You can use it and set reminders with our normal way of English communication. It will recognize it almost all the time what you want and it will set the list based on your liking. It has priority listing, Labels, and Inbox segregations. To-Doist poses a simple design and it will make you feel sorted with all your to-do lists. But this app is not free fully, for notifications and other bells and whistles you need to pay a premium. If you are thinking of going for the premium version I will recommend going for it. Since it will make your life and work managed by you peacefully.

Available: iOS, Android, Windows and Mac.

Google Calendar:

A good calendar app is what every people needs these days. We have many calendar app that will make us feel as we are in control of everything. Even all the people who own a smartphone nowadays wants a calendar app. This is where the Google comes in with its own calendar app. This is a no-nonsense calendar app from Google. It does it job by getting the basics right at all the levels. You could have notifications for Birthdays, events and meetings to make your work life much easier. It is also Free! So do download it to enjoy scheduling.

Available: iOS, Android, Windows and Mac.


Evernote is a note taking app at its core. But it is more than that. It has evolved into a collector of information management app for your daily life and work life. Evernote can take notes to taking a snap of a business card. It has a unique search feature that will make it a unique app of its kind. You can search for business cards to even hand written notes. Yes, it has a handwriting gesture built-in. So this app will make your workflow to gain more productivity day by day.

Available: iOS, Android, Windows and Mac.


The main app that directly coincides with the productivity parameter is mail. Some of us people have several accounts for their e-mails like for a personal mail you might have a Gmail account for the work you might have a Hotmail account. It is a hassle to maintain to different accounts. So here comes outlook. It can have access to exchange email accounts and it can also have some neat features like snoozing emails, archiving them and even has a focused inbox which it does a good job of it showing only the relevant emails. So I strongly recommend the Outlook email client for your work and life to improve your productivity.

Available: iOS, Android, Windows and Mac.


Tide is a timer app that follows the Pomodoro principle. It has a unique design with some soothing scenic background images with some ambient sound effects according to your scene. The clock will run for one sprint of Pomodoro of 25 minutes default. But it can be changed for a number of minutes you need for the break and so on. This app will make you follow a discipline to make you start the work which you are hesitating to do. This app is also free to download and it is a great addition to your productivity setup.

Available: iOS and Android.

These are the five best productivity apps that will make you more and more productive. This will make you eventually a Jedi in work ethic and make you get the Promotion that you need or the fuel for your hunger to become a successful Entrepreneur.

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Sudharshan Ramanathan

Hi I'm Sudharshan Ramanathan an Entrepreneur and part-time Blogger for alvistor. I'm currently pursuing my MBA. I also do some freelancing work as a web-developer/designer in my free time and also loves learning about programming, computers and business.


  • Todoist + Evernote + Google Calendar = My whole digital Office and life & career management tools. I prefer Google Inbox to Outlook. I manage around 6 mail accounts in it.
    Tide: Never tried, simple google timer is enough for me for occasional usage.

  • Some might prefer with what they already have. But everyone should give these apps a try. Tide is like a timer with mood setter. Outlook is preferred by me because of the simplicity.

    Give it a try and give a shout out on the comments. 🙂