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Written by Ajith Srikumar

Are you interested in pursuing a career in technology domain, but got confused how to get started? No worries. Let me share a wonderful career guidance website called Bento, a beginners cheat-sheet for learning everything about the web. No need to go to a boot camp, buy a video subscription, or get a computer science degree. Be a self-taught programmer and learn full stack web development online for free.

Let me share my personal experience with Bento. I am passionate about becoming a full-stack developer, but I was initially wondering how to get started. Later I visited this amazing website, which provided me immense knowledge on how to become an expert web programmer, and also provided materials and best in class tutorials links curated by an expert in that domain. It’s totally possible for an intelligent and motivated individual to teach themselves how to program and pick up all of these things along the way sans college degree. In fact, most of these things aren’t something I would expect an entry level developer to have more than a cursory knowledge of, and maybe not even that.

So this website saves a huge amount of time in searching for links to courses on the internet, as it is a huge space filled with loads of content related to any domain. You won’t find every single free programming resource here. Instead, Bento curates the best available learning content (such as Codecademy for HTML and JavaScript. There are about 80 languages covered here, and one of the best features of Bento is that once you select a programming language or topic, the site will highlight additional ones you might be interested in to further your understanding. Coupled with hundreds of free programming books and lots of free online classes, you’ve got just about everything you need to get started coding.


Although learning how to code seems like a daunting task, it’s an important skill to have and the opportunities to learn free and easily are better now than they’ve ever been.

Bento is a great tool to find the sites that help you learn and/or polish those.

Click the following link to go to their official site.

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