This post is only for Tamil people…. Here I listed ten top performing Youtube Channels (listed not in any particular order) which were basically has content in ‘Tamil’. From Technology to Satire, there is channels. Lot more new channels are raising, but I only shared few which is worthy to mention.

Science/Tech Channels

  1. Let’s make engineering easy – No more rocket science is difficult to understand.. 🙂 Prem Anand, vlogger explains the basic to complex concepts in Engineering and Sciences.. Really a take when it comes to knowledge. Quality content assured..
  2. SciNirosh – vlogger Nirosh explains how science works
  3. Tamil Tech – How tech works, Reviews, How-to kind of videos

Satirical/Entertainment Channels

  1. Put chutney – Satirically approached content both on politics/social issues and cinema. Really a classy channel releases song albums too.
  2. Madras Meter – Yet another spoofing channels. Real entertainment.
  3. Smile Settai (adult content rating – 3/10) – Smile Settai is a lead channel among the others like ‘Smile Mixture’, ‘Smile Oats’.. If I say it is Y Gen’s favorite Channel, then definitely I am not exaggerating. Caution: Some of their videos are NSFW tagged. But still  entertainment promised. Top of the class is their “Beep Show”..
  4. Madras Central (adult content rating – 2/10) – Satirical, Spoof, Cinema Reviews etc
  5. Humor club – Triplicane Chapter, has the best humorous talks delivered by famous people of their club.. Old school type, but still worthy to subscribe.. 🙂
  6. Red Pix (short films) – One channel that host many fabulous short films created by many wanna-be feature-film directors.
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  1. Stupid Common Man – In depth analysis towards many social issues and cinema by a ‘stupid common man’ who is not a stupid..

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