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Prevent Automatic Reset of Accessibility Service Settings in Redmi Phones

Written by Sakthi Tharan

Redmi users have issues with enabling the accessibility services for some apps after the latest update of MIUI 8. Actually you can “on” the accessibility service for any app that requires it, unfortunately it will be turned off automatically once that particular app removed from the memory. Though you lock the app to the memory, the setting won’t sustain after a reboot.

In my case I use bunch of apps that needs accessibility service to function as intended. Apps like Tasker, Lastpass, Floatification and more similar apps need this accessibility service to work properly. To make the settings permanent which won’t change even after a reboot is to add those apps to “auto start” list in MIUI ‘Permission’ settings.

Solution: Adding the app to “Auto Start”

Settings -> Permissions -> Autostart -> “find your desired app and enable the switch” … After this, your accessibility setting for the particular app will never┬áreset here after. You need to enable “autostart” option for each app that needs permanent access to accessibility service.

Below video explains how to enable accessibility service and ‘autostart’ for Tasker app.

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