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Why Your Site/Blog Should Be Mobile Friendly?

Written by Sakthi Tharan

Starting from next week (April 21, 2015) Google is going to adopt ‘Mobile Friendly’ design as a additional parameter in ranking pages in search results. If you own a blog/site then you should take some action on changing your blog’s design. If you don’t have any blog/site please quit reading this post.

Will this affect you? Yes.

How? If you have a mobile friendly site, then if someone searches for content related to your blog’s niche from a mobile device, then the possibility of moving your page’s link towards top in search list, as it is optimized for mobile viewing than other resulted pages. This will increase visitors count, as the page additionally attracts mobile users, this in-turn increases the probability of earning.

How to check, whether my site is mobile friendly or not? Google Webmaster Tool for Mobile-Friendly Test.

What should I do, if my site is not mobile friendly? The solution is simple, you need to change your site/blog’s UI (user interface). Blogger users -> if you use ‘dynamic themes’ you don’t have to worry about these changes. WordPress users need to choose a theme that is mobile friendly/Responsive.

Just a heads up for upcoming changes by Google.


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