Among the Best ‘To-Do’ Management App Any.Do is one of my favorite and must have app. It’s free to use, though some of its powerful features are available only for premium users. Rs. 1,650 per year is not cheap, yes there is not one time payment solution for this app. Despite the fact I subscribed for annual subscription, I am going to offer a tricky work around to get it for free. At least for now.

The solution is simple, you need to be a ‘tester’ for this app. To get straight, Any.Do is offering some new features that might not be stable, in other words they would like to test it with some group of volunteering users. Technically it is called beta testing. Once you become beta tester, they would offer you every premium feature and presumably the new features they adopting to you for free.

Don’t worry the testing version of the app is most of the time stable and will work as intended. I said “most of the time”. That means it might crash/freezes rarely. But it won’t leads to significant loss of your data or there will be no damage to your phone by this. In case of any odd behavior, you can report to the developers, this will help them to tune the up. After all this how you give back to Any.Do for all the free premium features it offers through this. You can leave this testing version any time you want.

Here’s how to be a beta tester.

  1. Go to Any.Do Super Users Community
  2. Join the community (presuming you are already having account in Google Plus)
  3. Click the link “Become beta tester – Android” link (find the link in rightmost column section)
  4. Click “Become a Tester” (You can find it easily on the prompted screen)
  5. Once you see the acknowledgement “You are now a tester”, you can go to Play Store in your Android PHONE, the Any.Do app will automatically update you to the new version.

This update will bring you all the coolest features.

Note: After update it won’t look like your normal Any.Do version. It won’t show in your purchased app list or subscribed app list in your play store account.

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