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Automate Your Internet Activities – How to Make The Web Work For You!

Automating? What does it mean.. ? “Something” is done for you, on behalf of you, as you prescribed earlier. Mostly half of our daily activities are logically bounded. Which means they can be automated. Logically bounded, by that I am saying a work can be predefined, that should be done when something happens. We would do that when it happens. If we are so sure that must be done when it happens, then why shouldn’t we automate it.

Let’s take a scenario for better understanding. You post a photo in Facebook and you also want to put it on Twitter. And you also want to save the photo in any of the cloud storage like Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive. And also you want to send a copy of that photo to some other person who aren’t in Facebook. You want to do this for every photo you post on Facebook. So you would repeat the same tasks again and again from re-posting it on twitter, then uploading a copy in to cloud storage and a mail to the list. Think about automating this entire process. You just post a photo on Facebook, and everything after will be done automatically… yes automatically.

IFTTT and Zapier are the two services which are going to help you in automating your internet activities. To automate any work you need two fundamental things. A ‘trigger’ and a ‘task’. Trigger is an event that will initiate the process/task. In “IF This Then That (IFTTT)” ‘This’ is trigger, and ‘That’ is a task. So If ‘this’ happens then do ‘that’. This tied up trigger and task is collectively called as ‘Recipe’. Some of the recipe I am using are

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  • Recipe 1 : IF ‘new twitter tweet’ Then ‘post the tweet on Facebook as status update’
  • Recipe 2 : IF ‘new mail from colleague with attachment’ Then ‘add it in Google Drive’
  • Recipe 3 : IF ‘a birthday calendar entry’ Then ‘send a reminder mail to wish’

You can create a your custom recipe if you can’t find one in the list. I haven’t create a new recipe as I always end up in finding a recipe by browsing the list that fits my need. So sign up at and start automating your works. Ifttt for Android and iPhone can do lot than web based version. Get the app from ifttt site.

You can pause your recipes, if you want to temporarily disable it, you can always modify any recipe accord to your need. ifttt has a very less inclined learning curve, hope you’ll learn soon. Automating will save you time and you don’t have to remind yourself to do the work every time.

Please do comment your opinion. is another service of the kind, you may also try it. Only the terms differ, but all the process are same as ifttt.

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