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Google’s New Software To Design HTML5 Animated WebPages

Here is the Google’s new Software to weave a webpage with animations and purely compatible to ┬álatest HTML 5 Standards. If you are a web designer you must have heard about Adobe’s EDGE tools. EDGE is the set of tools and services provided by Adobe for Web Designers to create wonders in HTML 5. “Google Web Designer” is Google’s ‘EDGE tool’.

I had had an hands on with Adobe’s Creative Cloud services, especially with EDGE Animate and EDGE Code. And now playing with ‘Google Web Designer’ for the last few days. In my view it’s a replica of EDGE tools, nothing more. As of now I am not working on any HTML 5 projects, just playing with features. It got all the basic features to create a animations, but the options are little low when compared to Adobe’s. You can notice some insignificant bugs if you are using the current beta versions of GWD.

Even though it’s still in its earlier stages, it has to do more things in future to impress the designers. JavaScript editor is also not much impressive. But for naive designers working on HTML 5 animations, it will be too simple, direct (If they worked in other animation softwares) and sleek.

The one wonderful thing GWD offers which Adobe can’t is adding of advertisements to your animations or designs. It supports 3rd party ads through ‘Double Click’ – Google’s publisher service, AdMob -Mobile App based Ad delivery service. Adding them is solid simple and it didn’t involves any code changes.

Google Web Designer is a must try software to convert your imaginations to HTML 5. Caution: It is still in its beta mode, so wait for Google to surprise you soon with new releases and features.

Download Google Web Designer Here

Adobe’s EDGE Tools & Services page

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