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Get The Light Weight, Low Latent Youtube Experience

Youtube, the monopoly which dominates the internet video service in the WebSphere. Being served with lots of heavy feature, Youtube’s page become little heavy. In a case of viewing a typical video in a Youtube, it’s not loading only with the video we need, comments, featured video, related video results in the right hand side of the page and many more dynamic contents including options to share, etc, etc.

This increases the latency in loading a page. The time taken to load a complete page after you requested it or the time taken to serve the request. This time includes the server response time, network latency and too the time taken by your browser/computer to display it in your screen. Usually it will be few seconds. In my case it is hardly 3 or 4 seconds with a 2 Mbps DSL connection. Sometimes when browsing the Youtube we don’t want the extra feature served with the video stream. Sometimes we need a faster Youtube to browse across. Here is a solution, that Youtube offer.

‘Youtube – Feather’ is a version of Youtube  which intend to decrease the delay as much as possible by not loading the extra content unless it is a must and by using some advanced web techniques.

And ya, one more thing, Feather is still in ‘beta’. You know what ‘beta’ meant. So it may not work with some videos. Here is the page where you can opt-in to try this YouTube Feather. Don’t forget to comment on this here…  ;-)


YouTube Is Soon Rolling Out Movie Rentals

Google’s video streaming website YouTube is set to unveil its movie rental feature in the near future. This is more of anticipated like the well acknowledged company in this field Netflix. Yet, Netflix is not available in most of the countries in the world and if Google actually delivers it to all of the audiences then we might have some competition on this field also.

After this announcement many m0ovie making giants like Sony Pictures, Warner Brothers and Universal agreed to this statement and will allow their content to be rented on YouTube.

Well on the downside Paramount Pictures and 20th Century Fox Group did not want to rent their movies on YouTube because YouTube has more pirated content on their website and Google in its search engine displays websites that stream pirated movies. Well I will say that just give the people more options at an quality price. There is no information on its release date and pricing for renting movies.

Be sure to tell us what do you think of this feature will this stop movie piracy? or will it stir the things up a more by commenting below.

Speeding Up Online Video Streaming Without Buffering Problems

Well if you are agonized by the stammering video playback as because of slow internet connection, then this helps. You might already felt this when you watching videos on youtube or metacafe or any other service. You have ’2′ ways to overcome this irritating issue.

SpeedBit Video Accelerator

VideoAccelerator is a online video streaming accelerator software for Windows which also available for Mac. It avoids the issues of buffering pauses in videos by opening multiple connections with the video streaming server, that means while you watch the first few seconds of the video from youtube, SpeedBit opens few more connections with the youtube server and start downloading the further video content for future continuous watching.

Video Accelerator supports more than 165 services like Youtube, Metacafe, etc.. It also has 2 mode for HQ and HD viewing.

You can download and know more about this at Video Accelerator site, while its main site SpeedBit offers some more software of the same kind like Download Accelerator Plus which they call it as DAP.


ByWifi is also a same kind of video streaming accelerator for smooth watching of online video in slow congested Wifi network connections. Bywifi.com is the site offers more information and download link.

Both of the software are freeware and comment here which one performs better for you.

Download Youtube video In Single Click

Most of the internet browsers watch online video, and one of every ten pages were contented with some videos in it. Youtube, Vimeo, Megavideo, Metacafe, Dailymotion are some of the largest online video service. We watch videos more often in any of this service. If you want to view this video offline you have to download it to your local hard disk.

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Till date I used some services like ‘savevideodownload’ , ‘downloadyoutubevideos’, ‘keepvid’. In the above services I have to copy the url of the youtube video and to paste in their website and it brought me a download page of the video, from that page I can download it.

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Being sick of this long process my search for one click video download ended with ‘Keep-tube’, It offers a Firefox add on for the single click video download from almost from any online video services. Just add the firefox add on to your browser, it also supports chrome and IE.

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The download is available on Firefox add on repository and know more about keep-tube service in their site. Some of the supported websites by Keep-tube are Facebook, Youtube, Google video, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Veoh, and many more.


It is recommended to download in mp4 format than any other. Because Mp4 is supported wide than Youtube’s native flv format of the video which needs separate flv player. 3gp is good for s60 mobiles.