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Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail as Default Mailto In Any Browser

Would you like to open any email (mailto:) address to be opened in your favorite web mail service like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Live Mail (MSN) in any browser like Firefox, Chrome, IE. Of course everybody say yes to this, because no one want to copy the email id and pasting it in mail after clicking the compose mail link. Here I list some solutions to make your favorite email service as your default email client.

Note: ubuntu user please scroll to end of this page.

Interface Method in Firefox

Go to Firefox -> ‘Preference’ (find it under ‘Tools’ -> ‘Options’, in windows and find under ‘Edit’ -> ‘Preference’ in Linux and Mac )

Select ‘Application Tab’ and type “mailto” in search bar shown there.

Now you can see “mailto” in the Content Type area and on the right side you can find a drop down box that consists of Gmail and Yahoo options. If there is no option like that then you have to create it by the config method given below and come back to this step.

Firefox config method

If you can’t find those follow this, type “about:config” in url of firefox, it must show some warning window, go through it and type “mailto” in the ‘Filter’ box. you can find something like “gecko.handlerService.schemes.mailto.1.uriTemplate” & “gecko.handlerService.schemes.mailto.1.name” in the preference area if not, just add it by following next step.
Right click any preference and choose “New” -> “String” and add following. For each Mail service you have to add 2 strings like this.
for Gmail
1st String

Preference: gecko.handlerService.schemes.mailto.1.name
Value: Gmail

2nd String

Preference: gecko.handlerService.schemes.mailto.1.uriTemplate
Value: https://mail.google.com/mail/?extsrc=mailto&url=%s

for Live Mail

Preference: gecko.handlerService.schemes.mailto.2.name
Value: Live Mail
Preference: gecko.handlerService.schemes.mailto.2.uriTemplate
Value: http://hotmail.msn.com/secure/start?action=compose&to=%s

for Yahoo Mail

Preference: gecko.handlerService.schemes.mailto.0.name
Value: Yahoo
Preference: gecko.handlerService.schemes.mailto.0.uriTemplate
Value: http://compose.mail.yahoo.com/?To=%s

now you can choose your mail service through the Interface method given at the start of this article.

Chrome Users

Chrome users can use one of this wonderful plug-ins listed in Chrome-Extension site, plugin1, plugin2.If none of the plugin works for you, follow this link.

Hotmail or Live in IE

Start Internet Explorer. Select ‘Tools’ -> ‘Internet Options’ in the menu. (In IE 7, hold down the Alt key to access the menu ). Go to the ‘Programs’ tab. Make sure ‘Windows Live Mail’ or ‘Hotmail’ is selected for E-mail. Click ‘OK‘.
Note that, the mail page opens only in Internet explorer.

In Ubuntu

Go to System -> Preference -> Preferred Applications in ‘mail reader’ copy and paste the corresponding following code, your default browser will open your preferred mail service.
Gmail :

gnome-open https://mail.google.com/mail/?extsrc=mailto&url=%s

Yahoo :

gnome-open http://compose.mail.yahoo.com/?To=%s

Live or Hotmail:

gnome-open http://hotmail.msn.com/secure/start?action=compose&to=%s

Test Yourself : Here is a sample mail link to test.  mailto:testmail@testdomain.abc. If you have problem in finding your solution comment it, our readers will help you.

Yahoo Going To Kill 8 Of Its Services

Last Wednesday Yahoo announced that it would be laying off 4% of its work force. Yahoo is making serious series of decisions which may be a remarkable point on its history. After this announcement, a flaming news was leaked from its internal webcasting, the leaked news was ” Yahoo is going to shut down 8 of its services ” that includes Del.icio.us, Yahoo Buzz, MyBlogLog, AltaVista, Yahoo Bookmarks, Yahoo Picks, AllTheWeb, MyBlogLog.

A screen shot of a slideshow which was leaked is posted below,

Yahoo also planned to merge its some other service like Fire Eagle, Yahoo people search, Yahoo Events, etc.

Yahoo says “Part of our organizational streamlining involves cutting our investment in underperforming or off-strategy products to put better focus on our core strengths and fund new innovation in the next year and beyond”.

After the death of ‘Delicious’ blogges needs to change their strategy of socializing their blog posts in public bookmark sharing. So keep your heads up and plan for the change.