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Super Control Panel on Windows

Windows, the OS that dominates the mass by its largest user base. Though the settings in any version of windows were spread in different areas across the OS. Mainly ‘Control Panel’ holds all the settings options, but not everything. This simple trick will reveal all the possible settings of Windows OS you can change from single place. Curious?? Here is it.

  1. Create a ‘New Folder’ in your desktop.
  2. Rename it with the following.

Now, you can see the folder icon is changed in to ‘Control Panel’ icon and the folder name is changed to ‘SuperControlPanel’. Open the link, ta da, you got your Super Control Panel…. Great right!?

You can have this link in any name just by replacing ‘SuperControlPanel’ to anything of your liking. Other than Vista 64 bit edition, this trick works charmingly in all version of Windows.

Windows 8 – Tweaking Tools

It’s been quite a while since I’ve started enjoying Windows 8 on my PC. Plethora of Windows 8 reviews by many critics and reviewers are available on web, so I think there’s no need of yet another review here. But I want to tell one thing here. Reviews are always a view of a person, it’s purely based on the reviewer’s perspective, not yours. So give Windows 8 a try, it’s really worthy. 

Coming to the point, Windows 8 is more customizable than its predecessors, but still some of them are inaccessible or requires change in ‘Registry’. Though its a long process (and little difficult for naive users) when compared to Windows default custom options, registry editing unleashes the hidden power and more than thousands of possibilities of Windows customization.

Not everyone feels comfortable with the windows registry editing method. For those who need a GUI (Graphical User Interface) kind of editing for doing those tweaks, here is a site which hosts hundreds of useful, small software’s. More importantly it’s free.

When Google-d for a registry tweak to change some features of my start screen  (yes,in Metro UI) animations, I found this “Start Screen Animations Tweaker”. Here’s the Entire List of Tweakers hosted by WinAero.