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Planning To Live In Another Country? You Might Wanna Check This.

If you are the type of person that is planning to live in another country due to some reasons, you guys must check ifitweremyhome.com. This website actually gives you an comparison chart with your current country that your living in and the country that you want to live in. It gives statistics on Job opportunity, Electricity, How much years that you will live more of your life span if you move to that country. Below the statistics you will also find some information on that particular country. You can also go below and see the reactions of other people if they want to move to that country.

This website don’t tell the daily life of an average person in that country, which is kind of disappointing. So check this site and do give us your feedback.

Click here to go to ifitweremyhome.com

Blog Post Update To Twitter Tweets

A Blog’s success is measured by the traffic it gets, and mainly it is the loyal traffic. The readers who follow the blog can be the loyal visitor. People use Twitter to follow blogs like using RSS and Facebook Page. So a blogger should update the blog post title with link to twitter as a tweet.

The normal way for WordPress Hosted blogs are relying on the plug-ins like “Twitter Tools”. But the problem is it has some little bit difficult start up process of obtaining the OAuth keys for naive bloggers and some of the hosting has problem running the plug-in scripts in Twitter tools and other plugins related to it.

But there is an easy solution by Feedburner that I recommend for WordPress hosted blogs. If you using Feedburner for delivering your feeds, then with a single click you can post your blog update to twitter as a tweet with the blog title and “goo.gl” shortened link to your blog post. To set this up after logged into your Feed burner account corresponds to your blog, go to “publicize”, and the “socialize”. Now you can add multiple twitter accounts which should tweet your blog update automatically.

If you are not using FeedBurner for burning your feeds, the you should use “Twitter Tools” plug-in for tweeting.

How Much A Blogger Should Worry About SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), an important and wide area in which most of web developer works. The main aim of SEO is optimizing a site to appear in top search results for particular keywords. Most of the online marketers, affiliates, work in this area to market their product or services through Search Engine results. If a site appears in the first few result of the search page when searching using particular word, then automatically the traffic increases. When traffic increases the probability of potential customers buying from the particular page increases.

Here, Do a blogger need to optimize the blog for particular keywords. How much a blogger should worry about SEO?

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If you think SEO is very much important for blogging then it is wrong, but not completely. Why, because

  • SEO is time consuming, which you prefer, to spend your time for writing good articles or to spend it for optimizing your blog posts for search engines. Most of the bloggers are not professional bloggers they write their posts whenever their time allows in between their schedules. Then how they are going to spend time for this optimization?
  • SEO needs Investment, for those who don’t know how to optimize their web pages, they need to invest some significant amount. and those who know SEO, they have to work hard to achieve the result, so money and work either way it needs larger investment.
  • SEO is optimizing for Bots ( machines ) not for Readers, when ever you aim on optimizing your blog post towards SEO, then you can’t wirte a quality post for your readers. Writing for machines decreases the value of your post.
  • Search Engine Tactics Changes Often. The leading search engine Google changes its search algorithm and ranking strategy often. When you optimize for some tactics, when you implement it, Google changes to the new one, then you have to optimize for Google’s new ranking strategy. Even a small changes in the algorithm reflects big. Many Giants who benefited from Google were now nowhere when Google changes its search engine techniques.
  • No Guaranteed Return of Investment. Apart from the hard work, investments and constant works SEO never promises for the success. Even sometimes the return is very less compared to the investment. So Investing for SEO is very risk to bloggers.
  • Other Issues Matters. In optimization you can alter the attributes which effects search engine ranking, but there are some attributes which you can’t change like bounce rate, avg time of a visitor, etc.

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  • SEO success not comes because of one time hard work. Even if you succeed in SEO, by raking your page in first few numbers for particular keywords, it is not permanent, in few days of your success someone’s page is going to replace yours. Sticking in the same position need more work than gaining the position.
  • Wise Search Engines. Google is now capable of finding the duplicate or copied content today. and so other search engines. Today no search engine index keywords and page depends on the “meta” keyword attributes. Google can generate keywords of its own from the page and index according to that. So separate concentration for optimizing is not needed today.
  • Advancements. submitting a home page url is enough for search engines like bing, yahoo, Google, and in some search engine we don’t even do that. Even though I never submitted alvistor.com’s url in russian search engine yandex results some pages of this site. These advancement helps bloggers to forget about optimizing their blog post.

Fianlly, SEO is not more important to bloggers, but you have to keep in mind that omitting the optimization fully is a bad move in blogging. Today most of the big blogs  rely greatly on SEO for the greater part of its traffic.

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As a part of Optimizing your blog for search engines

  1. Submit your blog URLs to search engines.
  2. Generate Sitemap ( if you using wordpress use All-in- one-seo plug in and if you are blogging in blogspot don’t care about this, this step is taken care by Google itself ) [tweak your site map with update frequency]
  3. Good Sensible Permalinks regarding the blog post.

Start blogging instead of optimizing it, Write your blog post for your readers, All the best.

Getting Loyal Targeted Traffic

Writing for targeted traffic is a art? Writing for particular group of visitors over the internet or writing about a niche with aim of bringing traffic to your blog is one major step in blogging. This art can only learned in practice.

” Writing to everyone is Writing to no one “ Yes, If you want to satisfy all visitors to your blog then you will end up in satisfying none. Writing in various category may increase your size of blog not traffic, but some times it seems like posting more contents in different categories improve traffic to your website all of sudden, but remember that “10 loyal visitors is greater than 1000 visitors from search engine” Why?

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Loyal visitors are true users who comes to directly to your website or blog by some means of updates like RSS feed reading, E-Mail newsletter subscription or some times remembering your blog name. When you write some series of post under same niche are near related to it, people who coming for first time to your blog will come again to read your next update on particular niche. These readers were promising traffic to your website. But the readers from search engine traffic are come once to your website for one post, if the post is not satisfied then the chance of coming again to your blog is very very less.

How to increase the numbers of loyal visitors?

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  • continue writing in your niche. strive for excellence of your writing. Try to provide some exotic information about the niche after some experiment or small research. Write every post as your best post.
  • Provide social and email sharing options inside your blog post or near it.
  • Try to write a viral post related to your niche. example if your niche is gaming, then post some latest or rumor like things on games. People who read those article some times share even before read it.

How to keep the loyal visitors?

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  • Leave some time between your posts, your posting frequency should be low, writing a article twice a day is enough. This makes your loyal visitor feel that the article is important. Posting more articles irritates the visitor.
  • Write some off-niche posts, to relax your reader but still it should be interesting. Be sure the niche and off niche article should be in ratio 5:1.

Above are some of my ideas to you. The idea may slightly vary according to your niche. Always try to learn from your experience, “experience is wealth” in blogging.

Trafficking – Different Ways

How to increase your site or blog visibility in internet. Internet is like universe, lots and lots of information in trillions of web pages, among them how do you going to bring visitors to your page.

Here I am going to discuss the various ways to getting visitors to your site. For readers convenience, I categorize the ways in to different topics. Some categories may controversial to some folks.

Free and Easy


‘ Really Simple Syndication ‘ some times ‘ Rich Site Summary ‘ is the best way to bring regular visitors to your site. No body wants to check every site often and probably they can’t remember your site. If your content is good and you are updating your site regularly the RSS plays a big role in increasing your sites visibility.

Your RSS should have summary which should bring people to your site, not your whole content.

you can also use E-mail subscription for RSS

Online Directories and Organizations

Submit your website url to online directories and non profitable organizations like craiglist.

E-mail Signatures

Include your site’s url or feed title with your e-mail signatures. G-mail and most of the e mail providers supporting this feature.

Custom 404 Error pages

Creating custom 404 error pages will increase the visits. If your website shows the page like this ” page not found ” , then visitors don’t bother to check your whole website, they went on to surf other pages on internet.

Provide custom error page to your visitor with some suggestions of links or with menu of your site which contains links to other pages of your website.

Bookmarks & Tell a Friend option

Provide “Bookmark this site” and “Tell a friend option” in every page of your website, which definitely bring the visitor again and again to your page

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Post about your website, information on your website, product or service you provide in free internet classifieds .

Free, Time and Energy Consuming

Surveys and Rankings

conducting surveys and participating in online top blog, top content competition may increase your site visibility.The target is not ranking first, the target is just include your url in the website.

Blogs , Blog Directories

start a blog for your website and submit the blog in blog directories. Regularly update your blog and make your visitor to interact in your blog

Social Media

This is one of the best way to increase your visits. Leverage on today’s top trend in building links. learn to use twitter, orkut, facebook, squidoo etc etc

Article Submission

If your website contains unique, original, quality content then submit your best content in major article directories like Ezine, etc.

Press Release, Google News


use some of the press release site to improve the visitors.

Try to make your page published in google news, once you are listed in google news, then you will get millions of impression in a day

Search Engine Optimization – Keyword Search

Search Engine are the first and foremost reason to increase traffic to your website. when you write your content or post you must be keyword conscious.

Commercial or Difficult

PPC Advertising

Best and effective way to increase your traffic. find a good ppc advertiser and then advertise in it.

Purchasing misspelled or related domains

try to find out misspelled url names and set up a domain forwarder for that url. every day millions of visitors are landed in unsolicitated webpage when they try to type the target url in the address bar.

YouTube Marketing

online video marketing is the one of the best way to promote your website. make a video about your product or service or else ‘How to’ video on your content.

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Auto Responder Email Campaign

set up a auto responder and E-mail list and regularly mail your visitors. and you have to be sure that the mail should contain valuable information, because there is risk of marking as a spam by the receiver.

Affiliate Program

set up an affiliate program and provide compensation to your visitor who refer others.

Purchasing Ad space on Other Site

purchase ad space on good websites and make sure that, the website is not your competitor.

Not Recommended

Comments & Posting Forums

commenting on the blogs with links to your website may not bring quality visits to your websites, and when the comment count increases no body bother to read the comments. This is waste of time. Posting forum is also has the risk of banned by the forum moderator.

But sometimes Quality replies and comments in forum may increase the visit.

Crazy Stuff – Viral

creating a crazy stuff and making it a viral. like the following stuff ” http://www.scrolllock.nl/passport/home.htm ” this may be viral and quickly reach many people. Try yourself

Mailing List

creating mailing list and regularly mailing them is not a good concept to increase your site visits, autoresponder is different from mailing list.Regular mailing may fail to bring visitors. “Everybody hates spam as you do”


some of the offline methods to increase your site visitors count

Business Cards – including your site url in your business card

Others use your website URL with Logo on moblie Screen Saver, Profile Name, Wall Paper and on your laptops.Infringe your website name in key chains, and belongings. If there is a will, there is a way. – Buy a pair of sandals and engrave your site’s url beneath, and walk on beach or play on snow.

” comments are real applause for posts in web pages ” Tell me in which I have to write more.

WebSite URL Submission To BinG(msn)

Bing URL Submission is a like a webmaster tool where you can submit a website or blog URL for faster indexing of your site’s content. some of the multiple search engine submission tools fail to submit your url to Bing.Commonly, thier crawler (MSNBot) can find most pages on the internet. But if your site does not appear on Bing, you can submit your site’s address (URL) here.


try to make your website listed on almost every search engine to increase the site traffic.