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Blog Post Update To Twitter Tweets

A Blog’s success is measured by the traffic it gets, and mainly it is the loyal traffic. The readers who follow the blog can be the loyal visitor. People use Twitter to follow blogs like using RSS and Facebook Page. So a blogger should update the blog post title with link to twitter as a tweet.

The normal way for WordPress Hosted blogs are relying on the plug-ins like “Twitter Tools”. But the problem is it has some little bit difficult start up process of obtaining the OAuth keys for naive bloggers and some of the hosting has problem running the plug-in scripts in Twitter tools and other plugins related to it.

But there is an easy solution by Feedburner that I recommend for WordPress hosted blogs. If you using Feedburner for delivering your feeds, then with a single click you can post your blog update to twitter as a tweet with the blog title and “goo.gl” shortened link to your blog post. To set this up after logged into your Feed burner account corresponds to your blog, go to “publicize”, and the “socialize”. Now you can add multiple twitter accounts which should tweet your blog update automatically.

If you are not using FeedBurner for burning your feeds, the you should use “Twitter Tools” plug-in for tweeting.

Tweet Search – Find Who? From Where?

Social network are now the greatest tool over internet for networking with people all over the world. Facebook suggest friends to add in your friends list who were already in facebook, but twitter lacks in friends suggestions service and twitter feeds never appeared in first pages of top search engines.

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Here are some of the twitter search services for you..

  • FollowFinder by GoogleLabs. Follow Finder analyzes public social graph information (following and follower lists) on Twitter to find people you might want to follow. It works like Facebook friend suggestion in twitter. If you can’t find people you want to follow this will gives you suggestion. It works best to people who have sufficient following list. Just enter your twitter user name here.
  • Streamd.in is a simple web based Twitter client paired with Google Maps. See what’s happening around you, let others know what you’re doing or broadcast your thoughts & location with live video. If you enter any words in the search form it gives list of tweets with that particular words you entered, and the map is integrated with the location of the twitterer. Streamd.in fails to find the user location with the username search. (Follow alvistor updates in twitter)

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  • Twitter Search. Twitter has its inbuilt search works better. you can search search.twitter.com for tweets and users. It also list trending topics. If you need to do advanced search try here.
  • Twellow. Twellow allows categorized search of tweets and twitter users. Twellow is otherwise known as twitter yellow pages.
  • Add on for Firefox. Here is an Firefox add on for quick twitter search.

These are some of the Twitter search service I liked. You can follow alvistor.com in twitter with user name alvistordotcom

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