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Optimize Blog’s Posts For Search Engines As You Write – FireFox Plugin

Traffic is a key to success for a blog. We like our blogs visited by more and more people possible. The major source of a blog comes from three places,

  1. Search Engines
  2. Subscribers (Email & RSS both )
  3. Social Media ( Followers )

When I break down alvistor’s traffic stats, more than 50% of the traffic comes from Search Engines. So every blog post needs to be optimized for decent increase in blog traffic.

How to optimize a blog post for search engines while writing it?

Simple, There is a plug-in for FireFox called SEO Blogger, install it. After installation you can start search for ‘keywords’ by clicking a wordtracker icon in the bottom-right of Firefox (in Status Bar). Just search for keywords related to your writings, and include the top keywords in your blog post. Thats all !. After installing a help page appears and explains how to do that.

You can install this plug-in directly from Wordtrackers Website

Use Keywords With Care.

More keywords means More chance of listing in search pages. Just try to include most of the words resulted for your queries. When you try to include those keywords, be careful that the meaning of your idea you try to write in the post is not altered, because of most of the bloggers loses most of the loyal followers and visitors by writing worthless articles which only has the tons of ‘keywords’ but not the ‘idea’. Write for your readers (loyal visitors and subscribers or followers) not for the search Engines, but what to do, we need the search engine traffic, so give more weight-age to the idea than keywords.