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Sony’s New Portable Gaming Device NGP ( PSP2 )

Sony has just come out with its next-generation PlayStation Portable Gaming Device. It’s actually codenamed NGP and will revolve around five key concepts. With revolutionary User Interface, Social Connectivity, Location-based Entertainment, Converging Real and Virtual Reality. It will be compatible with the PlayStation Suite and is backwards-compatible with downloadable PSP games and content from Sony’s PlayStation Store.

Specs include a quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor, 5-inch touchscreen OLED display with 960 x 544 resolution, dual analog sticks (not the thumbtack kinda thing), 3G, WiFi, GPS, a rear-mounted touchpad, the same accelerometer / gyroscope motion sensing as in the PlayStation Move, an electronic compass, and cameras on both the front and back.

Games will come on “new media,” not UMD anymore, but we’re unclear on what sort of flash memory is being used. Sony’s rather proud of the fact it’s offering the world’s first dual analog stick combo on a portable device, though we’re more geeked about the quadrupling of pixel count from the original PSP.

Sony’s live event has been graced by demos of some pretty popular games, including Killzone, Resistance, Little Big Planet, and Uncharted even MGS4 by Hideo Kojima himself. And with the latter serving as a demo platform to show off how the NGP’s rear touchpad can be used to more intuitively climb up some vines. That touch panel on the back is the same size and positioned directly under the front OLED touchscreen, which allows for some pretty sophisticated controls when using the two simultaneously.

The new console’s UI will be called LiveArea, which has a bunch of vertically navigable home screens and built-in social networking through PlayStation Network. You can jump between games and the LiveArea without losing your progress and comment on your buddies’ great feats of mobile gaming.

The NGP pricing is not confirmed yet but one thing confirmed is that it not be $599. There will be two SKU’s an wifi only version and an 3G version.

New PSP Phone?

Back in August, tech blog Engadget first reported that a PSP Phone was in the works, and now it seems they have proof. Now, they posted pictures of the alleged PlayStation Phone, which depict a slider smartphone with a PSPgo-style control panel, complete with a d-pad, shoulder buttons, and PlayStation action buttons.

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As was initially reported, the device is branded by Sony Ericsson, the company’s mobile brand, and features what appears to be a custom build of Google’s Android platform, which will allegedly support a new Sony Marketplace for downloadable PlayStation titles, including those from major franchises like God of War.

Engadget says the device pictured features a 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8655 mobile processor, 512MBs of RAM, 1GBs of ROM, a 3.7 to 4.1-inch touchscreen display, a built-in camera with LED flash, and the aforementioned slider panel.

Most notably, however, is that the unit lacks an analog stick, and instead sports an odd looking center panel that Engadget claims is a touch-sensitive surface. It is also lacking any official PlayStation branding, though that could be due to it being a prototype variation.

Little else is known about the device at this point, but if it proves legitimate, we may see the PlayStation Phone officially announced later this year or in early 2011.

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