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Google & Microsoft Pays It’s Users For Sharing Browsing Details

Google’s new program ‘Screenwise’ pays it’s users who using Chrome and are willing to share their browsing details with Google by installing a typical Chrome extension. The payment is in the form of Amazon Gift cards, while still Amazon is not partnering in this. It has became a debatable topic that Google introduces this program after a dramatic changes in it’s privacy policy. You may have noticed this privacy policy change by a bubbling notifications comes around all the Google’s service like Gmail, Youtube etc while you signing in.

According to the ‘Screenwise Panel’ page, Google pays $5 for signing up for this program and additional $5 for every three months for sticking with it. So over all, $25 offer for compromising your internet privacy by sharing your browsing activities with Google. Browser activities includes, pages you visit, timing details like how long you stayed in the page, and I am not sure, but it seems it also includes tracking of your mouse movements and clicks.

You may sign up for this in Google’s Screen wise Page, anyways, for now Google holds the new signups but soon you may see a registration form or ‘kind of’ in that location.

Bing Rewards

Lately I got to know Bing is running similar program to collect data from user, known as “Bing Rewards” which is available only for US territory users. Bing with Amazon Gift cards also has it’s own way of paying back the users in terms of subscriptions for online services like XBox live memberships etc,. Like Chrome extension for Screenwise, Bing Rewards needs a browser toolbar.

Google ScreenWise vs Microsoft Bing Rewards

It seems Bing Rewards($40) pay more than Google ScreenWise, but only if you participate daily. Google can pay up to $25 per year at max, but the rules are flexible, for example you can deactivate the plugin if you don’t want Google to track your particular browsing session.

What Google and Microsoft do with the collected data?

They use the data to find patterns of browsing and other searching patterns, mouse movements and clicks which helps them to optimize their services. Lets say for example, from the collected data Google finds more mouse over movements in the left side of the search result page when compared to the right hand side, then it may help them to decide place the Advertisements on the left side of the page for more conversions (Clicks). Like wise these data may used in lots of ways for improving their services.

Concluding this, not every one attracted to this kind of programs, even though Google or Microsoft is not going to disclose these details to others. If you feel it is worth to share your personal browsing details for $25 or something you may sign up for these programs. Decision is yours, is it worth compromising your privacy?

Bloggers vs Monetizing Methods

There are dozens of ways to monetize a blog. Why, because not every method suits for every bloggers. Bloggers in general wants to make money from their blogs, but when it comes to categorization of bloggers based up on their interest, stage, capability they need a specific monetizing methods for each category to suit their needs, which promises the income from their blog.

Lets see the monetizing methods first, most of you may well aware of these

  1. CPC – cost per click
  2. Affiliates – (including CPA – cost per action, CPL – cost per lead)
  3. Ad space selling for particular time (week/month)
  4. CPM – cost per million, CPT – cost per thousand, CPV – cost per visitor/view
  5. Sponsored reviews

When I started to write this article, I was in huge confusion, because I have 2 ways to explain my ideas, one is based on Monetizing methods and anther one is based on blogger categories, finally you are going to read this article based on the monetizing methods, the only reason I chose this way because there is no documented categories of bloggers, which I have in my mind. So you will understand those categories as we go on.

So Which Method Really Suits To Which Blogger

CPC fits for most of the bloggers but not every blogger, because for new, naive, initial bloggers can rely on this method, but not the pros and experienced. At the beginning of blogging, every blogger will receive very low traffic until certain period. This ‘certain’ period stand for the time taken by the blogger to learn or to gain experience in the blogging from his mistakes and stats of his/her blog. In this period of time they have to convert their little traffic in to some countable bucks. For this purpose CPCs like Google Adsense, Chitika and other like programs helps. Certainly without no traffic and influence, move for other methods is not good.

When I say Pros(Professional) and experienced they definitely have a huge subscriber list and followers, that means they are good influential bloggers like ProBlogger.com. If somebody is influential then their recommendations will be respected by their followers who admires them. So In this case they have choice of other monetizing methods but not CPC, because in this method, a blog’s traffic is diverted to another website ( may be a competitors’ ) which a profiled blogger don’t likes.

Affiliate Marketing – A major marketing method in the internet, is a good choice for intermediate bloggers, who has some decent blog traffic. But It needs time to manage your ads/links. If your a part of Google Affiliate, Commission Junction, you felt the difficult in managing your ads over time, what I am trying to say is, this is little bit time consuming and confusing(not in big) process.

CPV, cost per view/visit is a good for highly trafficked blogs. Where CPM, CPT comes under the same method, so the ad space selling for time period is also more or less same to CPV. It has not much problem to worry, your income will be constant. BuySellAds.com really helps in great manner for blogs which has more than 100k impressions per month. Because of bidding and auctioning bloggers will earn most out of it.

Sponsored Reviews, last major method to monetize a blog, but definitely not least. This opportunity comes only for some good niche blogs. The sponsor will pay you good sum for reviewing their products. You have ultimate benefits over this method, you have a post, you earned some good money, you may avoid bunch of ads blinking ugly all over your blog. But to choose this method you need to be successful first, that is your readers should trust you, your sponsors should trust you, most probably you should be best in your niche.

All your blogging experience will be a good example for this, so you don’t need any examples, I hope. Choose your method today, and please share your views in comments, so we can make this better.