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Try Windows Phone 7 Online – Interactive Demo/Emulator

After hearing lots of talk over internet on Microsoft’s latest astonishing mobile OS called Windows Phone 7 named ‘Mango’, many of them were just curious to try it, especially its Metro UI (user Interface). It’s new, We don’t have any idea how it feels when we use it, We don’t know how it will do, when we hold it on our hands. To know that, we don’t have to afford for a new phone, for the sake of trying its interface and look. Microsoft planted a online based interactive demo on its website for those who want to try it, before buying it.

The demo is quite interactive, which seems to resemble a emulator, but it is not. It demonstrates some of the features that might help you to understand the interface better. Not all the features are functioning, but some of them like adding a calendar entry, adding a mail account (predefined account) and some more. This is just to demonstrate how the interface works. As it is online based and runs on browser, you can try this in your mobile browser, this gives you a feel that you are using windows phone until you reach the limitation boundary of this demo.

The demo performs better in desktop based browsers, it succeeds in delivering all the graphical effects concerned to the user interface. Those who are new to Metro UI can experience and learn the way how it works. The interactive demo also guides with a green dot and green swipe symbols to show the new users clickable areas which shows them the new feature and swipe direction. Note that, this is online JavaScript based demo, the real windows phone works far better than this, while the graphics are even more eye catchy and feel were even more feather touchy.

Windows Phone Demo Page on Microsoft’s site, If you are using mobile phone to view this, the demo may or may not appear based on your phone’s capability.

Apple’s Co-Founder Steve Jobs Died At The Age Of 56

According to a statement released by Apple this Oct 5th, co-founder and former CEO, Steve Jobs has died.

The statement is as follows:

Statement by Apple’s Board of Directors

CUPERTINO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–We are deeply saddened to announce that Steve Jobs passed away today.

Steve’s brilliance, passion and energy were the source of countless innovations that enrich and improve all of our lives. The world is immeasurably better because of Steve.

His greatest love was for his wife, Laurene, and his family. Our hearts go out to them and to all who were touched by his extraordinary gifts.

The company has replaced Apple.com with the image above and created a page where fans can email the company, sharing their thoughts and condolences.

May the great visionary in technologies Rest In Peace.

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The Next iPhone Is Not The 5, It’s The 4S!

Well Apple new CEO unveiled his first product for the company on October 4th, and it is an iPhone. Everyone including us was speculating for an revelutionary change in the phone but Apple just went into the next edition of  iPhone 4 the iPhone 4S. When the conference ended everyone was hoping there was more but all our thoughts went in vain. FOX NEWS just said ” We don’t want an another iPhone 4 ” and that was the saying of all other visitor and fans of Apple.

iPhone 5: Phil Schiller introduces the iPhone 4S

But clearly on the bright side Apple went guns blazing on the techie side of the product from it’s predecessor. And yes we do get an Dual Core A5 processor in the iPhone 4S. Well Samsung reign is in an wobbly shape after this. The new phone also gets an revamped iOS and it is the iOS 5. There are too much changes to this phone but its all technical. It is an new phone with an old form factor.

The iPhone 4S releases on Oct 14th, one day earlier from what we stated. And pre-ordering starts on Oct 7th. For more updates follow us on facebook and twitter. If you want to follow me as well http://twitter.com/#!/Sudharshan_Hi5 .

Windows 8 The Next Windows Is Announced!

Good news for all Windows users and Microsoft fans. The next installment of Windows Operating System ” Windows 8 ” successor of currently available Windows 7.

The new Windows OS now have over-hauled its GUI to something more of an Tablet or Gaming console GUI. Well this is an great move? Well, Yes it is specifically for Tablets and its really been promising. I wish this OS will merge the distance between the PC and Tablets. This new OS is now being demonstrated only on Tablets so an PC version of this OS is not shown yet.

There is also some rumor that this UI will come to the PC version with the help of Microsoft Console sibling the Kinect camera. If that comes it will be soo easy for some Users who don’t have any OS working knowledge.

This is an great step by Microsoft but if they sacrifice all the customizing options on PC. Well this is an utter disaster. Do tell us your thought below by commenting and do follow me on twitter http://twitter.com/#!/Sudharshan_Hi5

iPhone 5 Debut’s On September!

Apple just slightly told us that they were going to release the next-gen iPhone in sometime in 2011. But now we have an release date that it is off-course its September. Still there is no news on what we are expecting from Apple, yet we can never wish of Apple giving us flash support. But still this product makes us exciting after some controversies that it went over the ” Network Coverage problem”. The iPhone 4 was an piece of art in the modern World technology, whether you love or hate it. Will iPhone 5 will be as good looking as its predecessor? Well in September we will surely know about it.

The iPhone 5 come with Apple’s A5 processor and the iOS4 is now upgraded to iOS5. Apple also promised that due to the new powerful processor the battery life will not decrease and the iPhone will have the same 10hour battery life or even more. Due to the more powerful processor at hand Apple is now going for some 4G support. Yet 4G is in its early stages I doubt they would put this into it. What the heck anyway they would put it in iPhone 6. And Apple would be very keen on its slim factor and do some ways to make the battery thin because the processor is kinda power hungry. I’m sure that the next iPhone will be thinner and it would really have an bigger screen than iPhone 4.

Well these are the information that we got. If you guys have more information on this do tell us and share it with us by commenting below.

iPad Games That Would Make You An Hit With The Ladies!

Guys you have an iPad and everyone thinks your cool, but still you can’t find an way to impress the Ladies with it. So what is the worth of buying this high priced piece of equipment that doesn’t satisfy your essential need for your life. Well that’s why Apple got some neat Games and Apps. to make you look cool in front of the Ladies. Let us show you guys some Apps. that would make you move with the Ladies like James Bond does.

1. Harbor Master HD

This game first and foremost is that it is absolutely free. It is like series of multiple colored boats that coming towards an harbor and you need to guide them to their appropriate harbor according to their colors with your fingers by the way. Just ask the Girl ” Do you like water?”. In no time she will hooked with the game and when the boat numbers increases, you and the girls hand will be touching each other. PRETTY NEAT.

2. What’s The Difference

This cost you an price of $3.99 so its little you will need to spend to hook up with the girl you like. Well nothing comes cheap right? In this game you need work as an team to spot the difference between two images that are displayed side by side. When the game gets hectic you will forget everything and you’ll be make an move like telling her ” Whoa! your pretty good at this.”. And you can also show the girl that you are pretty smart. Well, if you spot them first.

3. Little Things

This game will cost you about $2.99. This actually needs pretty good team work to find items that is disguised into an large picture of an Animal or any object. Easily with this game you can make any girl hooked up. And when the game gets rolling I’m sure the girl would say ” Can I play with your LITTLE THINGS!”. Whoosah! achievement unlocked as of hooking up with the girl.

Well guys finally an useful thing from an Gizmo that will actually solve your essential need in life. My friends I gave you an idea and the rest is yours. Please sure to comment on your experience or you have any other games to show off.

Apple Is Tracking Your Location With The Help Of Its Mobile Devices

Yes, recently it has been come to know that Apple can track your locations with the help of your iPhone’s and iPad’s. How? Because they have actually built the device with an tracker into it. This has offended many people that are using Apple’s products. Hey! everyone does needs some privacy here and there. So this actually caused an lot of issues and Mr. Jobs is questioned again for this problem and well, he started defending his company for it.

Jobs admitted in a New York Times interview Wednesday that the storing of location data was a mistake, but said the company wasn’t keeping tabs on its customers.

And Jobs said;

“We haven’t been tracking anybody,” Jobs said. “Never have. Never will.”

In a press release, Apple said that it didn’t receive location data for iPhone and iPad users, but rather signals from nearby Wi-Fi hotspots and cell towers. The maps showing customer location history was called “a bug” that will be fixed in a free iTunes update soon.

The location data, according to Apple, “helps your iPhone rapidly and accurately calculate its location when requested.” After the update, the data cache will be saved for a maximum of seven days.But many people don’t believe Jobs’ explanation.The attacks against Apple built up quickly in the week following the release of an iPhone Tracker app that showed customers’ location history, including a lawsuit. “South Park” even had fun with it in an episode Wednesday night showing dark-suited men from Apple tracking down Cartman’s iPad and attempt to take his blood.

Well that episode was indeed really funny and sometime kinda make us think like are we being watched by some goofy guys over the internet? Well I sure don’t like to be tracked because I hate being tracked. Do tell us what you think of this misery that Apple created and what should be done by commenting below.

Those who are planning on getting the new White iPhone. Think again.

Google’s Answer To Apple iTunes

Google the great web giant just in this monday bought an music sync company called Push Life. This is been found that Google motive to acquire this company is kind od an mystery at the first time. Then after some research it is found that Google acquired this company to challenge Apple’s giant the iTunes.

Push Life’s existing Android and Blackberry apps act as stand-ins for the iPod app found on Apple’s iPhone. Users can purchase and play music from the app on their phones, and then sync with either iTunes or Windows Media Player on their computers using a desktop plug-in. From now onwards this company would serve Google as it primary music selling service as of like the iTunes. Push life’s new service would become exclusive to Google android users and we might see an fierce battle over music download section of the market. Even the iTunes have some drawbacks in its User Interface. Well if Google sorts those things we might finally have an iTunes killer.

Due to this acquisition it is not even surprise as if even Google came up with own digital music playing device that will come as an competition to the iPod. Well these are actually our suggestions, you can also tell your suggestions by leaving an comment below.

Apple’s iPad Was An Original Idea Of Bill Gates

Apple’s hit tablet the iPad was originally an idea of Microsoft founder Bill Gates. It really started in the year 2007 at the D5 conference were Steve Jobs of Apple Corp. and Bill Gates of Microsoft was interviewed at the same time, same stage at that occasion. During the interview the interviewer asked Bill Gates ” What is the principle device that you would use in 5 years of time”. Bill said ” It would be an tablet”. At the same time he also explained more on features of this device and suddenly Steve Jobs was keenly noting it. After three years later BAM!!! iPad launched in april, 2010. At that interview Bill actually predicted every device that would be in 5 years of time. Bill proved in many fields as he is the best. Now he became the Nostradumus of predicting technology. The clip is provided below were Bill predicts and Steve gets it. Truly Bill is an great techie that the world deserves.

Tell us what do you guys think? and do comment below.

Apple’s iPad 2 Revealed

Yesterday Apple has unveiled its new iPad ” The iPad 2″ at San Fransisco, in the live press event. From the first look of it the new iPad is way much thinner. It is thinner by 30% and it is lighter by 15%. The new iPad has trimmed edges unlike of the older version. Now the ipad feels more effortless while picking it up.

The new iPad comes with serious hardware upgrade than the predecessor. It houses an Apple’s new A5 dual core processor, it also upgraded the its OS to iOS 4.3. This combination makes the iPad scroll through the menus smoothly. The new iPad has an front and back camera which can record 720p videos. It also has Facetime as of in its iPhone counterparts. The new iPad comes series of widgets like your own video and photo editing software, which is actually pretty neat by my hands on it.

The iPad has an 1080p HDMI output. And now the speakers are shimmered around the edges.

The new iPad is releasing on March, 11 2011.

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