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Google & Microsoft Pays It’s Users For Sharing Browsing Details

Google’s new program ‘Screenwise’ pays it’s users who using Chrome and are willing to share their browsing details with Google by installing a typical Chrome extension. The payment is in the form of Amazon Gift cards, while still Amazon is not partnering in this. It has became a debatable topic that Google introduces this program after a dramatic changes in it’s privacy policy. You may have noticed this privacy policy change by a bubbling notifications comes around all the Google’s service like Gmail, Youtube etc while you signing in.

According to the ‘Screenwise Panel’ page, Google pays $5 for signing up for this program and additional $5 for every three months for sticking with it. So over all, $25 offer for compromising your internet privacy by sharing your browsing activities with Google. Browser activities includes, pages you visit, timing details like how long you stayed in the page, and I am not sure, but it seems it also includes tracking of your mouse movements and clicks.

You may sign up for this in Google’s Screen wise Page, anyways, for now Google holds the new signups but soon you may see a registration form or ‘kind of’ in that location.

Bing Rewards

Lately I got to know Bing is running similar program to collect data from user, known as “Bing Rewards” which is available only for US territory users. Bing with Amazon Gift cards also has it’s own way of paying back the users in terms of subscriptions for online services like XBox live memberships etc,. Like Chrome extension for Screenwise, Bing Rewards needs a browser toolbar.

Google ScreenWise vs Microsoft Bing Rewards

It seems Bing Rewards($40) pay more than Google ScreenWise, but only if you participate daily. Google can pay up to $25 per year at max, but the rules are flexible, for example you can deactivate the plugin if you don’t want Google to track your particular browsing session.

What Google and Microsoft do with the collected data?

They use the data to find patterns of browsing and other searching patterns, mouse movements and clicks which helps them to optimize their services. Lets say for example, from the collected data Google finds more mouse over movements in the left side of the search result page when compared to the right hand side, then it may help them to decide place the Advertisements on the left side of the page for more conversions (Clicks). Like wise these data may used in lots of ways for improving their services.

Concluding this, not every one attracted to this kind of programs, even though Google or Microsoft is not going to disclose these details to others. If you feel it is worth to share your personal browsing details for $25 or something you may sign up for these programs. Decision is yours, is it worth compromising your privacy?

Windows 8 The Next Windows Is Announced!

Good news for all Windows users and Microsoft fans. The next installment of Windows Operating System ” Windows 8 ” successor of currently available Windows 7.

The new Windows OS now have over-hauled its GUI to something more of an Tablet or Gaming console GUI. Well this is an great move? Well, Yes it is specifically for Tablets and its really been promising. I wish this OS will merge the distance between the PC and Tablets. This new OS is now being demonstrated only on Tablets so an PC version of this OS is not shown yet.

There is also some rumor that this UI will come to the PC version with the help of Microsoft Console sibling the Kinect camera. If that comes it will be soo easy for some Users who don’t have any OS working knowledge.

This is an great step by Microsoft but if they sacrifice all the customizing options on PC. Well this is an utter disaster. Do tell us your thought below by commenting and do follow me on twitter http://twitter.com/#!/Sudharshan_Hi5

Next Generation Gaming Consoles Are In Developement!

Well guys we have been hearing for a while in the about Nintendo’s new console successor to the Wii. It is also been given the name Project Cafe, we ourselves have done some overview in the past. Back then the release dates were not clear, well now Nintendo says it will be released on spring 2012.

Well, when the most selling console company is off the mark saying that they are bringing the next console; Well its rivals Microsoft and Sony also gave up some details of it.

Sony actually revealed the successor to the PlayStation 3 is currently in development at its company’s investor meeting .

Executive vice president and chief financial officer Masaru Kato was asked to explain the rising research and development costs for the company’s fiscal year. “In the game segment, we have the NGP to launch later this year. So we have development expenses to be incurred for this product,” he explained.

“For the home console, the PS3 still has a product life, but this is a platform business, so for the future platform when we will introduce the product I cannot discuss but development work is underway, so the costs are incurred there.”

Meanwhile, Microsoft began hiring for its “next generation console” this past March. No official words from Microsoft thought.

So people start gathering money in your ” Piggy Bank’s”, In E3 we might see some new consoles.

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Google’s Android OS Can Be Made To Run On Win7 PC’s

If you are one of those persons whose finding difficult to choose between Microsoft Windows 7 and Google’s Android well there is an solution for it. Its called BlueStacks. This company actually made an marital knot between these Operating Systems. By this software you can boot both Operating Systems on the fly not by re-booting your system. The switching is soo smooth that you can Launch your Android Apps. from your Windows desktop itself.

BlueStacks Senior Vice President Apu Kumar said that BlueStacks is a response to what his company perceives as two complementary needs: the consumers’ desire to have their apps available everywhere, and the desire for a unified device.

BlueStack Systems Inc., which is based in Silicon Valley, has created a software tunnel that allows bidirectional communication between the Android side and the Windows side. This means that it can use Windows print drivers to print while in the Android interface, and create shortcuts for Android apps on the Windows desktop.

BlueStacks supports over-the-air updating, too, so the company can push out Android updates to its users automatically. Kumar said that he expected to get updates to users faster than the phone companies have been.

It hasn’t been an entirely smooth ride for the company. Besides the “heavy lifting” that Kumar said involved development difficulties of getting the software to work with different screen dimensions, scale correctly, different configurations, and multiple devices, there were other problems. One of the big hangups was caused by Google restricting its marketplace to specific ARM-powered devices. The company got around that problem when Amazon.com opened its Android app marketplace. “Amazon was chosen,” Kumar said, “because they have transaction mechanisms, and it’s a heavy brand across the world.”

source: cnet

Android able to run powerful Apps. like MS Word

It is also said that the company was in speak with some Tablet producing corps. as well so they could also integrate in to it also. With Android’s user usage is skyrocketing well, this might be really interesting. We still do not know the prices and release dates and its also early to decide too. It is also too early to decide that this would be as user friendly as it looks. Only time will decide. And do let us know your comment too about what you think of this product.

Want To Make Your PC Faster?

If you one of those people suffering from an gradually slowing PC from the day you bought it. Well guess what it is due to unwanted apps and shortcuts may slow your PC with other factors contributing from the side. Well we actually found out an answer for you guys. It is called GlaryUtilities.

GlaryUtilities is an freeware developed by Glarysoft. GlaryUtilities finds out your problems and sort them out in a jiffy. GlaryUtilities has three tabs in it. The first one is the status bar where it tells you about any new updates for the freeware. The second is One-click-maintenance tells up an few simple procedures in the form of check boxes to fix up your machine, it also give options that will actually will speed up your PC with one click. And no it is not just an gimmick. The third tab is the modules tab where all the various tools are kept in it. Its like one category is Clean Up & Repair, in that category it has Disk Cleanup, Install Manager and more. There are many categories which will guide you through various needs to speed up your PC.

This freeware is actually an piece of jewel to your PC’s performance. So give it an try and leave an comment below for your updates on this freeware.

To download click here.

Microsoft’s Free Anti-Virus Software That Actually Works

Well is your looking for an clean check up of your PC HDD and you want it for free without losing credibility you might wanna check Microsoft security essentials. It is both Anti-virus and an  Anti-malware program as well. It provides real-time protection to your computer that means it will warn you about the program that you are about to install on the fly itself. If it has any defects.

It also downloads updates automatically and its system is up-to-date in all information on viruses. you can also schedule an system wide or an specific drive scan once an week or which time you want it to be done. You can also specify the maximum CPU usage for scanning that it can use. It come pretty handy when your doing multi-tasking. It can scan even removable drives with as much as flexibility you want.

So if your the person that has no Anti-virus protection and surfing the internet? STOP and download Microsoft security essentials and save your PC.

To download ??Microsoft security essentials click here.

Do comment below about this freeware and what you think of it.

Apple’s iPad Was An Original Idea Of Bill Gates

Apple’s hit tablet the iPad was originally an idea of Microsoft founder Bill Gates. It really started in the year 2007 at the D5 conference were Steve Jobs of Apple Corp. and Bill Gates of Microsoft was interviewed at the same time, same stage at that occasion. During the interview the interviewer asked Bill Gates ” What is the principle device that you would use in 5 years of time”. Bill said ” It would be an tablet”. At the same time he also explained more on features of this device and suddenly Steve Jobs was keenly noting it. After three years later BAM!!! iPad launched in april, 2010. At that interview Bill actually predicted every device that would be in 5 years of time. Bill proved in many fields as he is the best. Now he became the Nostradumus of predicting technology. The clip is provided below were Bill predicts and Steve gets it. Truly Bill is an great techie that the world deserves.

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Nokia & Microsoft – New Partnership

A week before Microsoft announces the broad strategic partnership with Nokia, one of the leading mobile phone manufacturer. Apple’s Iphones, Google’s Android powered phones, Microsoft’s Windows Phones, and Symbian OSs are the leaders of smartphone market, from now on only three of them will sustain the race as Nokia start supporting Windows and probably stops supporting Symbian.  Microsoft in its press release says,

Nokia and Microsoft intend to jointly create market-leading mobile products and services designed to offer consumers, operators and developers unrivalled choice and opportunity.

Under this partnership, Nokia will use its expertise in manufacturing of mobile hardware to support Microsoft’s “Windows Mobile” Operating System for smart phones. So by this way Nokia helps the future of Widows Phone.

From this what we expect in future?

  1. Nokia-Windows Smartphones will be available in large range of price and geographies.
  2. Bing will be the default search, and it is expected that Nokia’s ovi map will be merged with Microsoft’s mapping services.
  3. Microsoft’s Local search in Bing and its advertising program adCenter will form a new advertising and user experience.
  4. These phones will be offered through operators with variety of plans, which will promote the sale to peak.
  5. Nokia apps will be integrated with Microsoft’s Market Place.
  6. and of course Microsoft’s developer tools will be used to construct applications that runs on Nokia phones.

First phone from this joined hands will be expected soon in few months. Nokia has a big market in Asia especially in south, with Microsoft the probability of success is increased. If this works good, it will be a bad news to smartphone competitors.

Source: Microsoft Press, Nokia Press

Kinect From MicroSoft – A Fiction Made Real

Kinect is a “controller free gaming and entertainment experience” by MicroSoft. The project Kinect code named ‘Natal’ was launched in various part of the world this November. Kinect was designed to adopt XBox only but for the future it may support the upcoming OS of Microsoft Windows 8. Kinect is a peripheral based on web-cam attached to XBox to perform its role of extra ordinary natural controlling. With out controllers with the help of Kinect now XBox can use your natural movement as input with the help of combined “facial and voice” recognition including “motion capture”. That is Kinect understands the natural language of your gesture to sign in to your profile by simply waving your hands by standing before Kinect.

Kinect, the 7th generation  device compete with the other products which were already in the market like Wii with Wii Motion plus, PlayStation eye. Kinect recognize the natural gesture by  interpreting 3D scene information from a continuously-projected infra red structured light. Almost every Gamer sites and Tech magazines gave Kinect more than 70% of the rating, which kinect deserves. The new concept of natural gesture recognition will definitely appeals everyone, but the pricing of it is not an appealing one.

Below is the video footage of demonstrating Kinect at E3.

So what next, here is a typical family experiencing the controller less interface of Kinect.

It is expected that this type of new innovation will change the trend of communication between Man and Machine. Even though it looks like real communication, we are just moving in to the virtual world after all. Whatever now we can play tennis, football, cricket and even Formula 1 while sitting in sofa.

Silver Birthday Of Windows

Microsoft turned 25 Yesterday, When releasing its first computer platform Windows 1.0 world’s most exasperating operating system.From its release on 20th Nov, 1985 Windows still dominates OS world with more than 92% of all computers running in Windows OS. Windows popularity doesn’t always mean Windows are perfect, but even though it is not perfect, it looks like. Windows still the ideal OS for most people.

Windows 3, the first hit of Microsoft after the consecutive flops of Windows 1.0 and Windows 2.0 after the clash between Apple. Even though Xerox created the GUI, and Apple’s Mac was little better than Windows the marketing talent of Bill Gates brought the success to Windows 95 which combines DOS and Windows.

Windows 98 & 2000 were not a big hits for microsoft, but Windows XP still the promising OS for users, even after the release of Vista and Windows 7, softwares are developed with the support to XP. Windows 7 which was declared as the most securest OS. Windows Mobile OS, Windows Phone 7 can also be included in this list.

In future Windows should compete with Apple’s Mac, Linux’s open source OS like ubuntu, and of course with the portable OSs like Google’s Chrome. Windows is in compulsion to be better because of these competition.