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Free websites with .in Domain For Indians – By Google and HostGator

Google recently launched a program called “IndiaGetOnline” in association with Hostgator. With this program you get a free website with a .in domain name for one year. You can make a professional looking websites using drag and drop features provided by Google. You will have a complete control over the domain you getting through this program. Even if you wish to discontinue the program, you will own the rights for the particular domain for a year. These domains are sponsored by Hostgator hosting.
The drag and drop designing interface for designing your website is provided by Google, which has the same features that backs Google Sites. You can design up to 15 static pages with the total content of 5 GB per site. There is no limitations in bandwidth. After the completion of one year, you have to pay certain fees to continue this service.
This offer is good for small businesses which need online face for free. Google provides free 2500 INR worth credits to try ‘Adwords’. Adwords is a Google’s advertising program through which you can increase your site’s reachability in internet. It won’t requires special skills to build your website, and Google’s Customer support is always with you through the path.
All Indians are eligible for this program, they also ask for your PAN number to prove your nationality as Indian. If you don’t want the hosting at least you can have a free ‘.in’ domain name for one year. To avail this offer go to www.indiagetonline.in .

Moving or Restoring Large mySQL Database

Recently I moved one of my client’s website to westhost hosting, one of the best hosting provider which I always prefer. Usually, in most of the hosting services restoring database size is limited to certain point (like 5mb) in case of westhost it is 64mb. So if your database size is larger than that, you can’t restore it in the usual way using ‘phpMyAdmin’. So moving your database will be the big question mark, then how it can be done.

One simple way to do it is by using BigDump. Bigdump is a 10kb php script file written by Alexey Ozerov.

Download BigDump here. and follow the steps given there.

Precautions: while backing up your database through ‘phpMyAdmin’ do not select gzip or zip and also do not select “Extended Inserts”. While restoring database make chmod for the dump folder as “777″. Other things you can follow in normal and as usual way.

Real Facts About Unlimited Hosting

First – What is unlimited hosting.

Nowadays most of the web hosting providers use this keyword(unlimited) in their website when promoting their hosting service.why?

The two major issues in webhosting are

  1. Web space
  2. Bandwidth

In every hosting plan there is limit for the above two features. what if a hosting provider sets no limit for the above two? Really nice hah?

NOT REALLY as you think.

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Unlimited web-space plans are not really unlimited

Web-space is space in web server’s hard disk, alloted by your hosting provider to host your website(s) in that server. Hard disk is physical storage medium, its a hardware, it should have limit to store data, the limit is the capacity of the hard disk. The disk capacity may vary from GBs to TBs(Tera bytes). so the spaces are limited, not unlimited. Especially  in shared webhosting you will never get unlimited web hosting space.

Unlimited Bandwidth plans are not really unlimited

Bandwidth is an amount of data transfer which is provided to transfer web pages from the web server to the browsers of visitors. Every data from Web pages to hosted graphics like flash files, pictures like jpeg,gif, media files like mp3,video file consumes bandwidth when they transfered from web server to client or browser.

Again any physical medium like copper wire, optical fibre cables are used to transfer the data. so this also must have certain limits from mbps to gbps(giga bits per second). if it is shared hosting again the bandwidth is shortened by other hosts in the hosting network.so you can’t transfer or use unlimited bandwidth.

Why Hosting Providers Use the word Unlimited Hosting then?

there are many compelling reasons to use this word ‘unlimited hosting’. The word ‘unlimited’ attracts more customers rather than any of the other. Customers thinks this way ” when we buy unlimited hosting, then we don’t worry about how much files we hosting and bandwidth metering “.Hosting services is the most competitive field, if a hosting provider wants to stay long in this field he must use this tactic.


Unlimited Hosting – Real Fact

How the hosting providers manage with unlimited hosting plans.

  • Most of the web hosting customers never use the space and bandwidth feature above certain limit. Every body think that they need unlimited webspace or bandwidth at the start, that is when they choose the hosting plan, after the course of time not every body use the whole feature above certain limit.
  • In unlimited hosting plans the limit by size, or numbers or file type. most of the hosting provider never allow you to store or transfer large  files like audio files and video files. some of the hosting providers restrict the size of the file which are going to be hosted, eg. you can’t store a file which is greater than some size limit (say 50mb). some hosting providers limits by number of files regardless of size(hostgator allows to store 250,000 files in unlimited hosting.)
  • In unlimited bandwidth plan the data transfer bandwidth is reduced or capped by the provider, so you can transfer limited size of data at a time. by this way your bandwidth is reduced. many of the web masters feel that their site slows down in unlimited bandwidth plan.

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Is the company Dishonest?

No. Its like a big offering advertisement with small ” conditions apply ” word at the bottom.

As like the above example you can see the conditions in the TOS(terms and conditions) of the hosting providers’ page. if you look for the term ‘unlimited’ in TOS you can understand all these.So always remember to read TOS of the company before to be a part of it.

So what to do?

The other limited plans are always better than unlimited plans. A hosting provider can give unlimited e-mails,unlimited subdomain, unlimited domains,unlimited database, but they can’t actually give Unlimited space and bandwidth. The unlimited plans are not much reliable in speed and access when compared to limited plans.


How To Choose A Commercial Web Hosting Plan

lets see how to choose a commercial web host. our ultimate aim is to get a host according to our need with affordable cost(minimum cost, maximum acquisition)

Web Space

web space took the major consideration in choosing the best plan. the web space allotment varies according to the plan you choose. it starts from 10MB to Unlimited space.Choose a plan with space that enough for your need.Unlimited hosting space is not recommended.

How much space is required to host a website?

for single paged sites 1MB is more than enough,so a site can be hosted from 1 MB, if your site have more pages, more graphics files like flash contents, pictures, video files then accordingly your requirement of space increases. Normally a good site without any attractive gimmicks like flash, gif files, pictures, videos  can be hosted in 50 MB space.
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WordPress Sites acquire about 8MB for installation and it increases accordingly the content increases.

Also consider how many sites you are going to host in a hosting plan. if you are going to host 10 websites in one plan, then calculate the space needed to host all those websites.

Note : unlimited space hosting are not truly unlimited : [Refer Other Posts of this site]

Bandwidth allotment

Bandwidth allotment for a hosting plan usually starts from 1GB/month to Unlimited/month.

Note : unlimited bandwidth hosting are not truly unlimited : [Refer Other Posts of this site]

to calculate how much bandwidth you needed, follow the simple calculation.

bandwidth needed approx = number of visits x size of the content

size of the content includes pictures and other media files that visible in the pages and which is stored in webspace

bandwidth needed=(size of the page1 x number of visits to page1)+(size of the page2 x number of visits to page2)+……….+(size of page n x number of visits to page n)

the above calculation are done for month. If you have 500mb of bandwidth per month then you can able to transfer 500mb of content to your visitors overall.note that your upload also included in this bandwidth calculation. you should not meet the bandwidth shortage situation. so choose your bandwidth according to the need.

File Type Limitations and Restrictions

most of the hosting providers will not limit the size of the file and type of the file, i said “most of the ” not “all of the” so be careful about this factor when choosing the commercial hosting plan.some of the hosting providers denote this in their “terms and conditions” page.

Sub domains and Ad-on domains

check for number of sub-domain, add- on domains, parked domains supported by the hosting plan.

if you plan to have blogs,forum, for your website then subdomains are needed to host like this blog.alvistor.com, forum.alvistor.com, yourname.alvistor.com

did you ever watched the url of wikipedia. for every language it has its own subdomain like

for English  – en.wikipedia.com

for Italiano – it.wikipeida.com

for Deutsch – de.wikipedia.com

so on. so calculated how many sub-domains needed,

If you planned to host more than one domain in your hosting plan then you have to check how many add-on domains are supported by the plan.


Most of the websites are database driven, The CMS[content management system] softwares like wordpress, drupal also depends on the database.

Database is very crucial for every website. the need for database starts from major CMS to mailing list.

So every sort of functionality needs its own database, so check for how many databases are allowed to create.my recommendation go for unlimited database.

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Features and Fuctionalities

Check for the features and functionalities provided by hosting provider in a plan,

some of them are,

  • advertising credits (google,yahoo ad credits)
  • free domain name
  • free search engine submission
  • free seo
  • 24×7 customer support
  • free setup
  • 100%(99.9%) uptime
  • backup policies
  • chron jobs
  • mailing lists
  • forwarders
  • ftp accounts
  • e-mail accounts
  • .htaccess accessability
  • MX entry accessability
  • ready made scripts
  • one click installation for famous s/w like WP,Drupal
  • etc


you need atleast one e-mail account from your host to send mail from your website,like feedback.

if you want more , then configur with google.Gmail provide e-mail for organisation also like admin@alvistor.com [Refer other posts]

Types Of WebHosting

Taxonomy of web hosting differs according to its base.

The two major type of web hosting based on servers are,

  • Dedicated Server Hosting
  • Shared Hosting

In easy way dedicated servers are the servers dedicated to only one customer and customised for all of the customer’s needs. You have to manage your server and the host providers maintain it.
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why dedicated server? the main reason is for dedicated server is there is no need to share your resources to anybody else. this gives you full efficiency over bandwidth,performance and other major factors.
Shared Hosting is nothing but the hosting in which you are going to share the resources with others. it is cheaper than dedicated server hosting because you are sharing the resources.

The another major classification of hosting based on operating system are

  • Linux
  • Windows

Linux is widely used operating system for servers. where windows is less used when compared to linux.Linux is better than windows in handling viral attacks, crash, and also more efficient than windows. In many factors Linux is better than windows.

According to the website source code the operating system is chosed. for example if your website is coded in php then go for linux, for ASP.NET and other .NET VB scripts, go for windows hosting.

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Note : php runs on windows and you can host .NET website in linux provided you installed some necessary softwares and engines, even both php and windows based scripts run on both operating system servers, the efficiency varies. so my recommendation don’t cross over it.

Solaris is also an operating system based on java and belongs to Sun Microsystem can also used as server, but i don’t have experience in it, if anybody know about solaris, let me know.

How To Choose A Free WebHost


Almost every free web hosts providers shows advertisements on your site to cover the costs of providing free web space and other associated services.Some of the major type of ads that displayed by freehosts are

  1. Banner Ads (on top or below of the page)
  2. Pop Up windows (a pop window arise results of some action like loaded, click, mouse move)
  3. Advertising Frames
  4. Manual Ads Display
  5. Text Ads on the top of the page

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They above all listed methods of advertising has its own pros and cons

Pros Cons
Banner do not interfere site’s
Affects site’s Design and
Pop Up No visible ads in your
other problems like SEO,site content modification.
Irritates the user at high
Frames your content is seperated
from the ads
search engine could not
read your site content, masks
Manual very
does not alter the site’s look
chance of termination of
account if it is not showed
Text occupies small space, interferes the site content

Free hosts without any forced ads is not good news, without any means of income from the service they can’t survive for long period. Sustainability is a important thing to note when choosing webhosts

Web space

Is the webspace given by the hosts is enough for my site content? this is the next question you have to ask yourself before choosing a good free webhosts. Most of the websites gives from 5mb to 500mb. if your site is text content based then don’t worry about space, because 500pages of text occupies only approximately 5-10mb. if you want to host private pictures the you need more webspace.so depending upon the number of pages and pics/videos you are going to store, the bandwidth need changes.

Bandwidth allotment

Bandwidth allotment is a most crucial part of the free webhosts. this depends on both the size of the content of your site and number of visits (not visitors). to calculate how much bandwidth you needed follow the simple calculation.

bandwidth needed approx = number of visits x size of the content

size of the content includes pictures and other media files that visible in the pages and which is stored in webspace

bandwidth needed=(size of the page1 x number of visits to page1)+(size of the page2 x number of visits to page2)+……….+(size of page n x number of visits to page n)

the above calculation are done for month. If you have 500mb of bandwidth per month then you can able to transfer 500mb of content to your visitors overall. you should not meet the bandwidth shortage situation. so choose your bandwidth according to the need.

File type restriction

some of the free hosts restricts to upload the files of some types.they were listed in their website. some hosts restricts to upload jpg/gif pics, and some restricts videos files,some restricts flash,swf.so choose hosts according to your content.

File size limitations

Most of the hosts use this to control the space crisis in free hosting. the rule is simple, every stuff you uploading to the webspace should be less than some MB (even in KB) in size. if the limitation is 5mb then you can’t upload a video of 6mb.

Reliability and Speed of access

This is the most crucial part of the webhosting. how do you feel when your site is down for most of the time or at peak time or tooks 10mins to load a single page. This will irritates you and your visitor. How to find a host is reliable or not? you have to do some homework like. requesting feedback from others who were using it from blogs and communtiy, review the reviews. the last one is time consuming but very effective.that yourself to find out by hosting some test content on the host, after all it is free not only for host also for test.

Domain Name

what type of domain name your hosts offers. subdomain , extended directory , or allows you to host your own domain.

  • subdomain ( www.yoursite.alvistor.com )
  • directory allocation ( www.alvistor.com/yoursite )

in this type of naming, if your site contents were good then the credits goes to www.alvistor.com and not for the directory part named “yoursite”.

  • domain (www.yoursite.com )

most of the site will not allow you to host in your domain name. so try to find out hosting that provides this.

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Perl , PHP Scripting enabled

This is not particularly crucial nowadays for a free web host, since there are so many free script hosting services available that provide counters, search engines, forms, polls, mailing lists, etc, without requiring you to dabble with Perl or PHP scripts.

However if you really want to do it yourself, with the minimum of advertising banners from these free providers, you will need either PHP or Perl access. Note that it is not enough to know they provide PHP or Perl access: you need to know the kind of environment your scripts run under: is it so restrictive that they are of no earthly use? For PHP scripts, does your web host allow you to use the mail() function? For Perl scripts, do you have access to sendmail or its workalike?

FTP access

Some free hosting providers only allow you to design your page with their online builder. While this is useful for beginners, do you have the option to expand later when you become experienced and their online page builder does not have the facility you need? FTP access, or at the very least, the ability to upload your pages by email or browser, is needed. Personally, I feel FTP access is mandatory, except for the most trivial site.


check for sql database if you have plan to run CMS softwares. some hosts gives 1 database which is enough to run CMS software like wordpress,drupal etc.

Back-Up and Uptime Gaurentee

almost every free hosts gives the gaurentee of 99.9% uptime. but no one gives gaurentee for your content.Check for the backup policies.

If you plan to host a revenue making website, don’t remain in free webhosts for long.
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