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Google+ ( The Facebook Killer )

Facebook has been dominant for an long time in the social networking area. There were many that tried to kill Facebook. But none did the job well, even Google’s own Orkut. Google previous attempt on social networking was Orkut it was soo successful in India and Brazil. Then it faded of as many like Friendster, MySpace etc;. Now Google has started it own social networking site to become an Facebook killer. This also one of the sites that actually gives us an belief that it would be an certain Facebook killer.

The new Google+ has many features that looks really promising it is designed around “Circles” that allow users to group people within their social sphere into different categories. Google says that the people you tend to meet up with on Saturday nights, for example, can be grouped into their own category, while parents can be placed into another. You can then decide to share only certain information with different Circles.

In addition, the social service includes a feature called Hangouts that lets you find others who are “hanging out” on the Web. If you decide to join a given hangout, you’ll be able to engage in a video chat with the others there. Google+ also comes with an Instant Upload option that automatically uploads all photos and videos from your phone to your profile. From there, you can decide who to share that content with.

This features are promising and also new to us. Yet still we have to see what happens and Facebook also has its loyal fans as well.

And there is also an rumor that Facebook is also creating some new features up and Mark Zuckerberg has some tricks  in his sleeve. Well we have to look out for in the coming future. If u have any suggestion how Google+ should be do comment below. Follow me on twitter on http://twitter.com/#!/Sudharshan_Hi5

Enable Themes in Google Apps for Gmail

I already posted related this a year before, so far Google Apps undergone many changes, so my last post to enable themes for Google Apps does not works for those who under went the latest Google Apps transition.

The new cPanel interface (only accessible to administrators) provides a simple way to enable or disable Gmail themes for the users under your domain. The step is so simple.

Follow the steps provided by Google Apps’ help article. Enable Themes in Google Apps – Google’s Help Articles.

Hope this info helps great to the Google apps Administrators.

iPad Games That Would Make You An Hit With The Ladies!

Guys you have an iPad and everyone thinks your cool, but still you can’t find an way to impress the Ladies with it. So what is the worth of buying this high priced piece of equipment that doesn’t satisfy your essential need for your life. Well that’s why Apple got some neat Games and Apps. to make you look cool in front of the Ladies. Let us show you guys some Apps. that would make you move with the Ladies like James Bond does.

1. Harbor Master HD

This game first and foremost is that it is absolutely free. It is like series of multiple colored boats that coming towards an harbor and you need to guide them to their appropriate harbor according to their colors with your fingers by the way. Just ask the Girl ” Do you like water?”. In no time she will hooked with the game and when the boat numbers increases, you and the girls hand will be touching each other. PRETTY NEAT.

2. What’s The Difference

This cost you an price of $3.99 so its little you will need to spend to hook up with the girl you like. Well nothing comes cheap right? In this game you need work as an team to spot the difference between two images that are displayed side by side. When the game gets hectic you will forget everything and you’ll be make an move like telling her ” Whoa! your pretty good at this.”. And you can also show the girl that you are pretty smart. Well, if you spot them first.

3. Little Things

This game will cost you about $2.99. This actually needs pretty good team work to find items that is disguised into an large picture of an Animal or any object. Easily with this game you can make any girl hooked up. And when the game gets rolling I’m sure the girl would say ” Can I play with your LITTLE THINGS!”. Whoosah! achievement unlocked as of hooking up with the girl.

Well guys finally an useful thing from an Gizmo that will actually solve your essential need in life. My friends I gave you an idea and the rest is yours. Please sure to comment on your experience or you have any other games to show off.

Google’s Android OS Can Be Made To Run On Win7 PC’s

If you are one of those persons whose finding difficult to choose between Microsoft Windows 7 and Google’s Android well there is an solution for it. Its called BlueStacks. This company actually made an marital knot between these Operating Systems. By this software you can boot both Operating Systems on the fly not by re-booting your system. The switching is soo smooth that you can Launch your Android Apps. from your Windows desktop itself.

BlueStacks Senior Vice President Apu Kumar said that BlueStacks is a response to what his company perceives as two complementary needs: the consumers’ desire to have their apps available everywhere, and the desire for a unified device.

BlueStack Systems Inc., which is based in Silicon Valley, has created a software tunnel that allows bidirectional communication between the Android side and the Windows side. This means that it can use Windows print drivers to print while in the Android interface, and create shortcuts for Android apps on the Windows desktop.

BlueStacks supports over-the-air updating, too, so the company can push out Android updates to its users automatically. Kumar said that he expected to get updates to users faster than the phone companies have been.

It hasn’t been an entirely smooth ride for the company. Besides the “heavy lifting” that Kumar said involved development difficulties of getting the software to work with different screen dimensions, scale correctly, different configurations, and multiple devices, there were other problems. One of the big hangups was caused by Google restricting its marketplace to specific ARM-powered devices. The company got around that problem when Amazon.com opened its Android app marketplace. “Amazon was chosen,” Kumar said, “because they have transaction mechanisms, and it’s a heavy brand across the world.”

source: cnet

Android able to run powerful Apps. like MS Word

It is also said that the company was in speak with some Tablet producing corps. as well so they could also integrate in to it also. With Android’s user usage is skyrocketing well, this might be really interesting. We still do not know the prices and release dates and its also early to decide too. It is also too early to decide that this would be as user friendly as it looks. Only time will decide. And do let us know your comment too about what you think of this product.

YouTube Is Soon Rolling Out Movie Rentals

Google’s video streaming website YouTube is set to unveil its movie rental feature in the near future. This is more of anticipated like the well acknowledged company in this field Netflix. Yet, Netflix is not available in most of the countries in the world and if Google actually delivers it to all of the audiences then we might have some competition on this field also.

After this announcement many m0ovie making giants like Sony Pictures, Warner Brothers and Universal agreed to this statement and will allow their content to be rented on YouTube.

Well on the downside Paramount Pictures and 20th Century Fox Group did not want to rent their movies on YouTube because YouTube has more pirated content on their website and Google in its search engine displays websites that stream pirated movies. Well I will say that just give the people more options at an quality price. There is no information on its release date and pricing for renting movies.

Be sure to tell us what do you think of this feature will this stop movie piracy? or will it stir the things up a more by commenting below.

Google’s Answer To Apple iTunes

Google the great web giant just in this monday bought an music sync company called Push Life. This is been found that Google motive to acquire this company is kind od an mystery at the first time. Then after some research it is found that Google acquired this company to challenge Apple’s giant the iTunes.

Push Life’s existing Android and Blackberry apps act as stand-ins for the iPod app found on Apple’s iPhone. Users can purchase and play music from the app on their phones, and then sync with either iTunes or Windows Media Player on their computers using a desktop plug-in. From now onwards this company would serve Google as it primary music selling service as of like the iTunes. Push life’s new service would become exclusive to Google android users and we might see an fierce battle over music download section of the market. Even the iTunes have some drawbacks in its User Interface. Well if Google sorts those things we might finally have an iTunes killer.

Due to this acquisition it is not even surprise as if even Google came up with own digital music playing device that will come as an competition to the iPod. Well these are actually our suggestions, you can also tell your suggestions by leaving an comment below.

Want To View Two Webpages In One Tab? Check This!

Are you the kind of the person that have an idea of viewing two webpages in one tab? Well guess what Google’s chrome has an solution for you with its extensions. Well actually it is not gimmicky like merging two tabs into one, it actually divides the tab in to several segments and give room for you to browse webpages.

This is actually an extension in the Chrome web browser it is called as Chrome Splits. This extension actually does this to your browser flawlessly. First you need to open a tab, then you need to add an divider in the same window by adding it in the Chrome Splits extension menu. You can arrange the dividers in columns or in rows accordingly. Then you can type the specific web address in the specific dividers and view these website in a jiffy.

The only problem in this extension is the bookmark retrieving. Which with an simple copy paste you can deal with it. It is good for web developers an many profit oriented programs. Check this extension and do comment below and tell your feedback. To download Chrome Splits click here.

Gmail New Chat And Mail Notification Alerts

In the past there are several third party apps to alert you that you have received an mail if you have an gmail account. Now google has stepped up and made its own alerts for gmail and chat.

First go to your Gmail account and go to settings menu.  In the General Tab scroll down to Desktop Notification section.

Click both sections to ON to enable the service. This service only works on Google Chrome. Google assures to deliver it to all kind of browsers.

The notification also gives an line of the mail that arrived to you with what your about to read. Similar to the above picture.

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Google Apps Trasition – Conflicting Accounts

Note: This article is understandable only for Google Apps Account Administrators and Google Apps Account Users.

First of all what is Google Apps Transition. In simple words Google is mingling the two different Google Accounts into one. They are

  1. Google Apps Account – The account you used to access your organization resources under Google Apps. Must be yourname@yourorgname.com
  2. Google Personal Account – The account with any email id as a user name used to access any services of Google like you-tube, orkut, Picasa, blogger and many more. your user name may be yourusername@anydomain.com [eg: alvistro@alvistor.com, alvistor@yahoo.com anything]

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What happen if you adopt this transition?

You can access any Google services on web with your organization User name. To explain it simple you can connect Google services with your organization account, that means your data are under the control of your organization’s Google Apps Administrator. But for now you can’t access the following Google services with your organization account, they are

  • Android Market for Developers
  • Buzz
  • Google Extra Storage
  • Health
  • Listen
  • PowerMeter
  • Profiles
  • Web History
  • YouTube
  • YouTube Content Manager
  • YouTube Developer API access
  • YouTube Promoted Videos

What is conflicting Accounts?

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A member of your organization having account in Google Apps as ‘abcd@alvistor.com’ and also he created one Google Personal account with user name ‘abcd@alvistor.com’. In this scenario after mingling Google Apps with Google Personal Account, there will be two accounts with same user name, to avoid this user must change any of the user name, either Organization’s or Google’s. Below video may clarify this.

What if I don’t adopt to this transition?

You must understand this, whether you going to transit or not Google is going to do this in coming few months. It is better to adopt in early phase and train your users. This is my recommendation. You may change your decision according to your situation.

If any of your Organization user has conflicting account with Google personal account, He will be asked for new user name when he logged in to his Google’s Personal account. Google will notify this change to your users who were having conflicting accounts. So don’t worry just pass this transition. The freedom of using all google service with one user name of your organization user name is very cool. I did this before a couple of weeks now my organization users feels good.

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Note: The data with conflicting user name will not be mingled with new account. The new account looks like fresh account and at the same time your old data of the Google Personal account will not deleted you can access it any time with your changed user name.

I hope this DIY helps you this migration. If you need any clarification please use Google Support or comment below I will clarify ASAP.

How To Create a Blog Using Google Apps’ Sites Feature

Before getting in to this topic, I want to confess that this is little in-congruence, because in this method visitors can’t comment to your posts. But you have a alternate method to do that but it is a extra work.

This is as simple as creating a new blog, here we are going to use ‘Google Sites’ which is also going to work as a blog. Before getting in to ‘Google Sites’ know the difference between Google’s Blogger and Google Sites with hosted Google Apps.

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In Blogger, a member of your organization who signs in with your organizations’ Google Apps Account, he/she will get a blog with the url “hisblogname.blogspot.com” but in this Sites your organization users may acquire a Site(with Blog) with your organizations’ name in the first eg: “sites.yourorgname.com/your-mem-blog” where ‘yourorgname.com’ is your domain name.

How To Implement Blogs In Google Apps Sites

After you log in to Google Apps Mail, you can able to see a ‘sites’ link in the top left corner of your mail box window. By clicking that sites link you will be directed to a sites in a new window. If you have created a site already that will appear there, or else it suggest you to create a new site for you in your organization’s Apps name. Here just create a site and create some pages as you want. Here is the trick, when you try to create a new page name that page as ‘Blog’ and select “Announcement” template option above the name field.

After that the interface guide you to write your new blog articles. When you visit the ‘Blog’ page a new button “New Post” will appear top of the page. Using this you can create your new blog post. The post supports every rich text feature like font styling, sizing, image attachment everything.

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If you want your blog to be categorized then you have to create more ‘Announcement’ page with blog category titles. That is instead of naming your page in to ‘Blog’ name it as ‘Category 1′,’Category 2′, etc.. For Comment box, you can go to ‘Google Docs’ create a spreadsheet and convert it into forms. Now you can attach the form below the ‘Announcement’ page with the help of embedded code provide by ‘Google Docs’.If you are planning to provide blogs for members of your organization in Google Apps then this is one way to provide each person multiple blogs and pages.

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In this method your members could have the blog name attached with your domain name provided you edit your domain’s MX record relevant to the sub domain name entered in the ‘Service Settings’ of Google Apps’ Control panel. If your MX record pointing to “sites.yourdomain.com” then your users’ blog or page will appear in url “sites.yourdomain.com/userblog-name”. Please post your Google Sites page link in the comment box below if you successfully created a blog. Your comments may help others.