Apple’s iPad 2 Revealed

Yesterday Apple has unveiled its new iPad ” The iPad 2″ at San Fransisco, in the live press event. From the first look of it the new iPad is way much thinner. It is thinner by 30% and it is lighter by 15%. The new iPad has trimmed edges unlike of the older version. Now […]

Air Breathing Battery

The lithium ion batteries used in laptops and cellphones, and tipped for future use in electric cars, are approaching their technological limits. But chemists in the UK say that there’s a way to break through the looming energy capacity barrier – let the batteries “breathe” oxygen from the air. A standard lithium ion battery contains […]

Motorola Xoom releases Tommorrow

The Motorola Xoom tablet is easily the best competition Apple’s iPad has ever seen. Sporting a 10.1-inch screen, front and rear cameras, HDMI output, a dual-core processor, and Google’s tablet-optimized version of Android, the Motorola is also entering the tablet wars with their Xoom. Priced at $800 off-contract or $600 with a two-year commitment from […]