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Facebook Magically Resolves Numbers To Names

Recently I found an interesting thing in facebook. While commenting on posts or writing on wall post, type any number in a below given format, you can see that number part changes to some name randomly after posting it. For example, if I type-in @[4:0] on the comment box of any post or in my status update, I can see the particular part changes in to name ‘Mark Zuckerberg’, who is the founder of facebook.

I tried the next number @[5:0], it gives the name ‘Chris Hughes’, co-founder of facebook. And now I tried with random numbers like @[12345:0], @[54321:0] and so on, every number gives back me a name on the particular post or comment posted. Try the magic yourself in Facebook.

Later, I was curious to know why is this happening. No straight forward answers from Google and Wikipedia. It says it just resolves the number to a name. Here is what it means. Every user in facebook (for each account if the user has more than one account) has a user ID in the form of unique number. The user ID increments by 1 for the next newly signing up user in time basis. So the first member ‘Mark Zuckerberg’ has the user ID as number ’4′, I don’t what happened to the numbers 1,2,3 may be those are for testing or trail purpose when the facebook was in its infancy.

Everyone has their unique number in facebook that can be changed to their name when it is posted in facebook. So for me, the number is ’625105409′, this means I am the six hundred twenty-five million one hundred five thousand four hundred ninth member to join in facebook when I signed up for a account. If I type-in @[625105409:0] in any comment, it will change to ‘Sakthi Tharan’ (Yes, It’s my name).

Here’s the way how you can find your unique number in facebook. Go to facebook home page after login, try to see the source code of the page ( use shortcut “ctrl + u” in firefox, chrome ). Now you can able to locate your number in third or fourth line of the source code. The line typically looks like


In this you can able to find your number, in the above example, yes 625105409 is the number of the user. Now try to find yours and show the magic to your friends.

Google+ ( The Facebook Killer )

Facebook has been dominant for an long time in the social networking area. There were many that tried to kill Facebook. But none did the job well, even Google’s own Orkut. Google previous attempt on social networking was Orkut it was soo successful in India and Brazil. Then it faded of as many like Friendster, MySpace etc;. Now Google has started it own social networking site to become an Facebook killer. This also one of the sites that actually gives us an belief that it would be an certain Facebook killer.

The new Google+ has many features that looks really promising it is designed around “Circles” that allow users to group people within their social sphere into different categories. Google says that the people you tend to meet up with on Saturday nights, for example, can be grouped into their own category, while parents can be placed into another. You can then decide to share only certain information with different Circles.

In addition, the social service includes a feature called Hangouts that lets you find others who are “hanging out” on the Web. If you decide to join a given hangout, you’ll be able to engage in a video chat with the others there. Google+ also comes with an Instant Upload option that automatically uploads all photos and videos from your phone to your profile. From there, you can decide who to share that content with.

This features are promising and also new to us. Yet still we have to see what happens and Facebook also has its loyal fans as well.

And there is also an rumor that Facebook is also creating some new features up and Mark Zuckerberg has some tricks  in his sleeve. Well we have to look out for in the coming future. If u have any suggestion how Google+ should be do comment below. Follow me on twitter on http://twitter.com/#!/Sudharshan_Hi5

Can Facebook Be An Internet Monopoly?

With the largest user database in the world Facebook stands a step before Google in average time a user spends in the site. With its new attractive one spot messaging system Facebook tries to make the users stay for longer time than before.

The next big thing is collaboration with Docs.com Microsoft’s online document editing service or tool (whatever). Facebook claiming its messaging system as a informal communication, trying it provides the formal document editing tool is bit deviating. Another news I heard is Facebook is going to integrate with Skype, don know who is going to benefit from this? This is not the end Facebook is trying to include so much services like 3rd party spam filters for Facebook messaging, which the historic Facebook lacks.

All the strategy to keep the users busy spending time in facebook, will leads the facebook to nothing, because adding more service means losing focus. Being a SNS (social networking site) Facebook tries to be full fledged Internet spot like Google.

If you think Facebook can beat Google, it can’t, because Google always keeps the cool focus of its services, and never merges the services with one another, more than that Google is self sustained in its services, not like Facebook incorporating with Skype, Microsoft (docs.com), etc.

In my point of view Facebook should stay focused in every aspects of Social Networking instead of deceiving its users with various other services to keep them stick with Facebook. By finding other service interesting FB slowly loses its hotness.

Facebook Toolbar For Firefox.

For those of you that experience Facebook withdrawal symptoms every time you start browsing other web sites, here a new toolbar for Firefox. The Facebook Toolbar enables you to quickly access Facebook even if you’re not on the site.

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The toolbar gives you control over a set of pop-up notifications about incoming messages, pokes, friend requests, as well as when a friend writes on your wall, writes a note, or updates his or her status.

You can also jump right to a friend’s profile by typing their name into the search box (which conveniently auto completes as you type). A collapsible side bar keeps your friends close at hand while you’re browsing the web.

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Finally, the toolbar makes it really easy to send cool sites to your friends as you browse the web via a nice big Share button.

All you have to do is go to facebook.com/toolbar to download it and install in your firefox. Mean time don’t forget to follow Alvistor.com in facebook.

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FaceBook Messages – The Worst Nightmare

So FaceBook’s new modern messaging system excites you? Here are some sober truth about FaceBook Messages that break the heart of FaceBook Worms.

Facebook claims that its new messaging system will be the new trend of e-mail and which is not going to be in a formal way. That means if you try to send a message to you don’t have to add any ”subject line’ and every mail from a person aggregates into one thread, and the integration of SMS (mobile short messages) and IM (instant chat messages) messages to this thread makes it very longer thread.

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  • Search and Tracking will be worse when the message thread becomes very large you can’t search for particular message, to make this worse chat messages and mobile messages are going to add up with the thread.
  • Never think about deleting a message from a thread – You can’t delete a message from this thread, if you want to delete you can delete or archive the whole thread, if you archive it, then it is still going to be in facebook.

Coming to E-mail feature of Facebook messages, you can send mail to anyone who has a non-facebook email id and they can message you to your facebook mail id. If this happens, there might be a chance of

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  • Pulling more non-facebook users in to facebook by prompting them to sign up when they try to read messages sent from facebook mail.
  • Automatic Friendships – Now if you send invitation to other to join in facebook, if they joined they will be automatically added as friend of you. When you send some message to strangers from fmail, then they also will be added to your friends list. Facebook privacy will be a big question if this happens.
  • Spam from Unknowns – As your user name is visible publicly to any one, so your facebook mail id also. So you will receive thousands of spam  from bunch of strangers.
  • Important Message Detections – Facebook filters the message by considering your activities over the facebook. Most of the messages we exchanging are for recreating, then how can it be an important.

Apart from this Facebook isn’t giving you a jaw dropping feature in Facebook Messages.

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  1. Spam Filters – Today every communication services have this
  2. Conversation Thread – Gmail has it already, better than facebook with subjects
  3. Email Id – The funny thing, Facebook going to lose its name as a social networking site.
  4. Integration of all messages – combining SMS, IM chat messages to one single thread will confuse the conversation, and you can’t delete some simple message like ‘okay’, ‘see you’ from the list.

But if you still want to try this feature of Facebook Request a Invite. All the best.

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FaceBook Mail – FaceBook’s Modern Messaging System Unveiled

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced Monday that Facebook is going to offer a modern messaging system to its 500 million users with feature of e-mail to the existing Facebook account. The system called Facebook Messages with the blend of e-mail, sms, and chat in one interface in the existing facebook message page.

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Facebook with its addictive networking concept it already has every feature to exchange information with fellow users. The thing it lacks is user can’t send message to other e-mail addresses. Now with this Facebook mail feature you can send message to anyone who has a mail account (gmail, yahoo, aol any other domain) and can receive from anybody.

Main Aspects of Facebook’s New Messaging System

  • Grouping All Messages – Ability to communicate with people inside and outside of Facebook using e-mail, Facebook messaging, IM and text messaging using multiple devices, including mobile ones.
  • Full Conversation History – Basically it is a informal messaging that is without subject and other streams. You can See everything you’ve ever discussed with each friend as a single conversation.

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  • Preferred Messages – This idea is formerly used in GMail’s priority Inbox, that is segregating important messages from important persons with the help of information gained from your activity over facebook and your privacy settings.

Facebook almost filling its gap between Google’s services. Facebook partnering with Skype to provide voice call feature like Google’s Voice. Facebook wants to make this messaging system as a future trend of messaging. Facebook expect in a month or in a few years, people to say “Hey, this is the way that messaging ought to be done.” and it was clearly said this is not “Gmail Killer” and definitely not for now at least.

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Facebook Messages will not be injected to facebook users all of a sudden , according to the announcement users will have a notification about this on the top of the existing message page. As of now whoever wants to try this new feature they need invitation from Facebook. Register for an invite because if you want to reserve your username as facebook mail id you need to try it soon as possible.

Facebook – Test Your Privacy Settings

Facebook after its massive growth and recent insight changes, it became a hot topic between geeks about its security and privacy features. Facebook has its all privacy settings as like as other social connectivity sites but the issue is it was scattered all over more than a dozen pages. The privacy settings of Facebook is in and around 170. It is difficult to find every thing and change it, but Facebook worms may found most of them while using one of the feature or the other while they surf around.

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Facebook still doesn’t provide any page with all the 170 privacy settings for its users. But there is a one click privacy finder is around the web to find your level of privacy in facebook.

www.ReclaimPrivacy.org is that one stop website to scan your privacy settings in facebook.

All that you have to do is,

  1. go to www.ReclaimPrivacy.org
  2. Drag “scan for privacy” link to your web browser bookmarks bar.
  3. go to your facebook privacy page.
  4. then click the bookmark now.

Now you can able to see the scanned result of your privacy settings in facebook. After reviewing that you can able to change the settings as you like. Most of the privacy settings links are linked with the scan result.

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As this tool does not scan for all the privacy settings including photo and status updates you can’t fully rely on this scan. but the good news is they are working on this to extend its scan. Facebook folks should do some thing to organize all the privacy settings in to one page for user access , I don’t know why they are allowing others to do that?

Facebook’s “Like” & In-Site Changes

Facebook Pages

Have you noticed the change made by facebook on “become a fan” badge to “like” button. I saw a notifier  in my “alvistor” fan page in facebook about the change made to ‘become a fan’ button. Immediately I collected the details, and hope it will use for facebook worms, blogger s, and site masters.

Facebook’s In-Site Changes

Facebook Inc.,  has officially altered the wording on its Facebook Pages, which are used by companies, public communities, public figures. Instead of clicking a button to “become a fan” of a Facebook Page, you’ll now click a button “like” to like it(join the page) — the same way you now doing for status update.

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Then the major in-site change is by collecting your ‘like’ clicks facebook will start suggesting ‘Facebook Pages’ to you based on other things you’ve said you like, that is things from your profile, for example, such as your favorite bands and movies. If you accept one of Facebook’s automatically generated invitations(suggested from likings), the original text in your profile will disappear and it will be repa link to the Facebook Page you just joined. And that information will, by default, be publicly accessible.

“Once you make your choice, any text you’d previously had for the current city, hometown, education and work, and likes and interests sections of your profile will be replaced by links to these pages,” Facebook engineer Alex Li explains in an official blog posting. “If you would still like to express yourself with free-form text, you can still use the ‘Bio’ section of your profile.”

Facebook’s Universal ‘Like’ Button (For Blogger s and Web Masters)

The next part of Facebook’s “Like” expansion, according to various reports, will be bringing the “Like” button to the rest of the Web.

Here’s how The New York Times explains it:

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“Similar to the Facebook ‘Share’ buttons that are already popular with many Web sites, the ‘Like’ buttons will make it easier for Web publishers to offer more social experiences, in essence allowing Facebook friends to enjoy those sites together.”

not yet finished, read

“While ‘Share’ buttons allow users to post links that their friends see on their Facebook pages, those links are fleeting,” The Times says. “The ‘Like’ button will allow Facebook to keep a record of what a user linked to, providing the company with ever more data about people’s preferences. Facebook, in turn, plans to share that data with Web publishers, so that a magazine Web site, for instance, may be able to show users all the articles that their friends like.”

That’s, like, really involved.

While Facebook hasn’t directly confirmed or denied the upcoming launch of a universal “Like” button, the company is saying some reports about the feature are flat-out wrong. The Financial Times published a story Monday morning that said the Web-wide system would track your behavior around the Web in order to deliver behaviorally targeted ads back at Facebook.com. A Facebook spokesperson tells me that story is incorrect; the company, she says, has no planned changes related to its “ad offerings or ad policies.”

Facebook’s universal “Like” button is revealed today after company’s F8 conference.

source : PCworld