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Apple’s iPhone 5 Unveiling On October 4th 2011

Its been the most highly anticipated topic search on for months. And it is finally happening on Tuesday October 4th 2011. Apple sent out many invites to people all over the world. In the invite it has four icons, one is an calendar icon marking the date when function is about to be held. Second it is the clock icon which is set on 10:00 AM PST, which is the time it will air. The third is an GPS map icon shows where the event is going to be held at their Coopertino HQ. The fourth and final one is an call icon “Which indicates the number 1 on the top” tell us only one phone that they are going to show. Well the last was our guessing.

Previously we got an information that two iPhones are releasing like super high-end iPhone 5 and an mid-end iPhone 4s or lite. But certainly we are not sure about the Number 1 on top but we will find it out on Oct 4th.

And before anyone say Apple might be releasing their iPhone in market by Oct 15th 2011 itself. Our guess two phones will be unveiled and only one might be releasing on Oct 15th. To know for sure lets wait till Oct 4th. We will keep posting what happens and do follow us on twitter and facebook. And if you guys want to follow me on twitter click here.

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iPhone 5 Debut’s On September!

Apple just slightly told us that they were going to release the next-gen iPhone in sometime in 2011. But now we have an release date that it is off-course its September. Still there is no news on what we are expecting from Apple, yet we can never wish of Apple giving us flash support. But still this product makes us exciting after some controversies that it went over the ” Network Coverage problem”. The iPhone 4 was an piece of art in the modern World technology, whether you love or hate it. Will iPhone 5 will be as good looking as its predecessor? Well in September we will surely know about it.

The iPhone 5 come with Apple’s A5 processor and the iOS4 is now upgraded to iOS5. Apple also promised that due to the new powerful processor the battery life will not decrease and the iPhone will have the same 10hour battery life or even more. Due to the more powerful processor at hand Apple is now going for some 4G support. Yet 4G is in its early stages I doubt they would put this into it. What the heck anyway they would put it in iPhone 6. And Apple would be very keen on its slim factor and do some ways to make the battery thin because the processor is kinda power hungry. I’m sure that the next iPhone will be thinner and it would really have an bigger screen than iPhone 4.

Well these are the information that we got. If you guys have more information on this do tell us and share it with us by commenting below.

Apple Is Tracking Your Location With The Help Of Its Mobile Devices

Yes, recently it has been come to know that Apple can track your locations with the help of your iPhone’s and iPad’s. How? Because they have actually built the device with an tracker into it. This has offended many people that are using Apple’s products. Hey! everyone does needs some privacy here and there. So this actually caused an lot of issues and Mr. Jobs is questioned again for this problem and well, he started defending his company for it.

Jobs admitted in a New York Times interview Wednesday that the storing of location data was a mistake, but said the company wasn’t keeping tabs on its customers.

And Jobs said;

“We haven’t been tracking anybody,” Jobs said. “Never have. Never will.”

In a press release, Apple said that it didn’t receive location data for iPhone and iPad users, but rather signals from nearby Wi-Fi hotspots and cell towers. The maps showing customer location history was called “a bug” that will be fixed in a free iTunes update soon.

The location data, according to Apple, “helps your iPhone rapidly and accurately calculate its location when requested.” After the update, the data cache will be saved for a maximum of seven days.But many people don’t believe Jobs’ explanation.The attacks against Apple built up quickly in the week following the release of an iPhone Tracker app that showed customers’ location history, including a lawsuit. “South Park” even had fun with it in an episode Wednesday night showing dark-suited men from Apple tracking down Cartman’s iPad and attempt to take his blood.

Well that episode was indeed really funny and sometime kinda make us think like are we being watched by some goofy guys over the internet? Well I sure don’t like to be tracked because I hate being tracked. Do tell us what you think of this misery that Apple created and what should be done by commenting below.

Those who are planning on getting the new White iPhone. Think again.

Google’s Answer To Apple iTunes

Google the great web giant just in this monday bought an music sync company called Push Life. This is been found that Google motive to acquire this company is kind od an mystery at the first time. Then after some research it is found that Google acquired this company to challenge Apple’s giant the iTunes.

Push Life’s existing Android and Blackberry apps act as stand-ins for the iPod app found on Apple’s iPhone. Users can purchase and play music from the app on their phones, and then sync with either iTunes or Windows Media Player on their computers using a desktop plug-in. From now onwards this company would serve Google as it primary music selling service as of like the iTunes. Push life’s new service would become exclusive to Google android users and we might see an fierce battle over music download section of the market. Even the iTunes have some drawbacks in its User Interface. Well if Google sorts those things we might finally have an iTunes killer.

Due to this acquisition it is not even surprise as if even Google came up with own digital music playing device that will come as an competition to the iPod. Well these are actually our suggestions, you can also tell your suggestions by leaving an comment below.

Why Does Apple Use The Letter ” i ” In Most Products

Apple has come up with many products in this decade starting with the letter “ i “. It all started from the iPod, iMac, iPhone and the most recent iPad. I have actually done some research to find the meaning for the letter “ i “. But all my efforts lead to an dead end. Then I started to realize that may be Apple might be telling to their consumers and every one about something that they might want to share. Or it might be an code to Apple’s products and I think that we have some what cracked the code. There are several possible codes to go. So I listed them below for what the “ i ” stands for;

Code 1: ” Yes, i stole away your money by selling you an cheap phone.”

Code 2: i really don’t realize how still they are buying our products. ”

Code 3: i do make an fortune out of them.”

Code 4: i really don’t know what is A2DP Bluetooth and 3G support means.”

Code 5: i think that PC should not be owned by everyone in the world.”

Code 6: i say the new trend is to bring out an phone that breaks instantly and doesn’t have network coverage at all.”…..

Sorry but after code 6 it kinda goes dirty.

But codes and fun aside Apple really makes excellent and artistic product that is not been equalized since it came back. So if you guys have some Code up in your sleeves leave it in the comments column. And please do watch the video below and laugh out loud.

Nokia & Microsoft – New Partnership

A week before Microsoft announces the broad strategic partnership with Nokia, one of the leading mobile phone manufacturer. Apple’s Iphones, Google’s Android powered phones, Microsoft’s Windows Phones, and Symbian OSs are the leaders of smartphone market, from now on only three of them will sustain the race as Nokia start supporting Windows and probably stops supporting Symbian.  Microsoft in its press release says,

Nokia and Microsoft intend to jointly create market-leading mobile products and services designed to offer consumers, operators and developers unrivalled choice and opportunity.

Under this partnership, Nokia will use its expertise in manufacturing of mobile hardware to support Microsoft’s “Windows Mobile” Operating System for smart phones. So by this way Nokia helps the future of Widows Phone.

From this what we expect in future?

  1. Nokia-Windows Smartphones will be available in large range of price and geographies.
  2. Bing will be the default search, and it is expected that Nokia’s ovi map will be merged with Microsoft’s mapping services.
  3. Microsoft’s Local search in Bing and its advertising program adCenter will form a new advertising and user experience.
  4. These phones will be offered through operators with variety of plans, which will promote the sale to peak.
  5. Nokia apps will be integrated with Microsoft’s Market Place.
  6. and of course Microsoft’s developer tools will be used to construct applications that runs on Nokia phones.

First phone from this joined hands will be expected soon in few months. Nokia has a big market in Asia especially in south, with Microsoft the probability of success is increased. If this works good, it will be a bad news to smartphone competitors.

Source: Microsoft Press, Nokia Press

Samsung’s New Galaxy S ( Galaxy S II )

Samsung showed off its latest, the Galaxy S II, at its Unpacked event in Barcelona. The Galaxy S II sports a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, a dual-core processor, and a whole new user interface.

The first thing I noticed when I picked up the Galaxy S II is how thin and light it is. It feels pretty good in hand too; less plasticky that a few of the last-generation Galaxy S phones. The phone is pretty attractive too with a minimalist, slick design.

The display is stunning Colors look bright, details are crisp, and the viewing angles seem pretty good. It sports Samsung’s Super AMOLED Plus display technology, which we first saw at CES. According to Samsung, Super AMOLED Plus displays have an increased number of sub-pixels by 50% and perform even better in bright light than the first-gen Super AMOLED displays. With a 4.3-inch display, the newest Galaxy is 0.3 inches larger in screen size than the older gen phones.

The device also ships with the latest Android 2.3 operating system known as Gingerbread.

It also sports an 8-megapixel camera as well as a front-facing camera for video calls. I tested the camera out on the floor and photos looked pretty good-at least on the phone’s display. The shutter speed on the camera is fast compared to other phones.

The Galaxy S II has a revamped user interface with an all new Game and Reading Hubs that will be joining the Social and Media Hubs.

The release date for the new phone is not confirmed yet when we get the news you will be updated.

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The Shocking Numbers Behind Cell Phone Usage

Cell phones are now the third hand for a human being. Here is some of interesting and shocking survey result based on cell phone usage. The really shocking thing is gross SMS received is significantly higher than annual e-mails transferred. Here the result for your wide opened eyes.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc

At Las Vegas Sony Ericsson kicked off its CES experience by announcing a new Android smartphone, the Xperia Arc. It has an sleek floating Arc design as per the name it got. It shines in two attractive colors midnight blue and misty silver.

Front and center on the Arc is the 4.2-inch, 16.7 million-color touchscreen (854 x 480 pixels). Sony Ericsson is does some brilliant displays and they kept their name and didn’t disappoint us. The stunning display also has an accelerometer, a multitouch interface, and a Sony Bravia engine which come in their Sony BRAVIA TV’s.

Exterior features include three physical controls (back, home, and menu), a microSD card slot, and a 3.5mm headset jack. The Arc has a thin shaped body at 8.7mm, which is quite thin and very sexy.Inside, the Arc runs on Android 2.3, aka Gingerbread, which is the latest version of Google’s OS. Multimedia is the main theme deeper down. You’ll find stereo Bluetooth, a digital media player with TrackID, HD (720p) video recording, and an 8.1-megapixel camera with Sony’s Exmor CMOS sensor. The shooter also offers a variety of editing options like autofocus, face and smile detection, geotaging, digital zoom, and an LED flash.

There’s a WebKit browser, text and multimedia messaging, Microsoft Exchange email, a voice recorder, assisted GPS, Wi-Fi, USB mass storage, PC syncing, 512MB of internal memory, and the usual set of Google apps.

Pricing was not available at the CES press confrence, but the Arc will be available in the first quarter of this year. After we get the details on the pricing readers will be updated.

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